7 Nuts That You Should Not Eat and 7 Nuts You Can Eat!

Most of us are aware of the nutrient value of the nuts. Some of them we eat with various types of food items such as cakes and biscuits. However, not every one of us is aware of the different types of nuts available in the market. But not every nut is consumable and therefore, we are listing the ones that are edible and the ones that are dangerous.

Do eat: Brazil nuts

This nut is very famous among Amazonian people as it comes with high nutritional value. It comes with a high amount of protein and carbohydrates. Nut trees in Brazil are very tall and pretty cool.

Do eat: Acorns

People do not expect it to consume but it is consumable. To prepare this is not an easy task as one needs to remove the meat from the shells and is very necessary to remove toxins from them.

Do eat: Hazelnut

This comes with great nutritional value as it contains vitamin A and B. This is good for health and most of the time we find hazelnut in cookies.

Do eat: Walnuts

This has vitamin E and is full of fats. This is also suitable to maintain good heart condition of health and reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Do eat: Pistachios

This little fold package comes with great nutritional value and is very good for health. This is very high in protein and fiber.

Do eat: Pecans

This is a product that we mostly find in Pecan Pies. This is highly antioxidant and is suitable to maintain the good condition of heart health.

Do eat: Chestnuts

This nut is highly consumable during winters and holidays. This is very low in calories and fats as compared to other nuts.


Don’t eat: Almonds

This is no doubt very good for health and allows maintaining good health but if a person wants to maintain a better environment than it is better not to consume this.

Don’t eat: Cashews

This is very good for health but it is not an easy task for those people who harvest it and plucking it is very difficult.

Don’t eat: Macadamia

This is very tasty but is not at all good for health. But consuming one cup of macadamia contains 1000 calories.

Don’t eat: Horse chestnuts

This is one of the chestnuts that in e should not consume. Each and every part of chestnut has a toxin that is not good for health.

Don’t eat: Pine nuts

This nut creates pine mouth syndrome that happens after 12 to 48 hour of consumption. This is not good for health and is dangerous.

Don’t eat: Peanuts

This is a usual snake but consuming this regularly adds on to the daily calorie intake. It is also associated with aflatoxins.

Don’t eat: Bitter almonds.

This is very bitter in taste and is very dangerous when it comes to consumption. This has hydrocyanic acid which disappears when heated.





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