15 Street Foods Of Different States In India You Must Eat Once

If you are visiting India from a foreign country, you should know that street foods are equally famous as the tourist spots. Apart from visiting its remarkable places, you should frame your itinerary in such a way that you could have some time to explore various famous street foods in different states.

Even Indians who visit different states for a trip, you should take a note of the following lip-smacking street foods that the states are popular for. Any trip will be incomplete without these world-class street foods that even premium restaurants cannot provide. 



1. Vada Pao


State – Maharastra

It is called the Indian version of a burger. There are various variants of Vada Pao available in the streets of Maharashtra and it has fried buns and potato dumplings in between. 


2. Mirchi Bhajji


State – Telangana 

It is a common snack whereby long and thick green chilies are stuffed with a dumping of different spices and fried with a layer outside of Besan. The chilies are not that hot as they usually are because the seeds are removed and stuffed with the special dumping. 


3. Akki Roti


State – Karnataka 

It is a special kind of roti that is made up of rice flour and different veggies and spices. It is the chutney with which it is served that makes it so delicious. 


4. Laksa 


State – Assam 

Even though Assam is more popular for tea, Laksa is something you should try out. It is a sort of spicy soup with Laksa noodles and fish pastes. It is probably going to be your favorite soup ever and available everywhere in Assam's streets. 

5. Dahi Samosa 


State – Haryana

Samosa is popular everywhere in Indian states but in Haryana, Dahi or Yogurt Samosa gives it a very different look and taste. The Samosa is broken and sweet curd is poured over it with tamarind chutney. 

6. Parippu Vada


State – Kerala

It is commonly known as Dal Vada but this is a different variant with crunchiness and more spices. It is very yummy and addictive and hence, used as an appetizer. 

7. Poha- Jalebi


State – Madhya Pradesh 

You can get the best poha-jalebi combination in the streets of Indore. The combination sounds a little weird but the taste is beyond your imagination. 


8. Barra


State – Jharkhand

It is generally eaten with puffed rice and it is made up of dough of grams and is filled with onions and chilies. It is very easy to make and available across Jharkhand' streets. 


9. Guguni 


State – Orissa

Orissa is one of the most tourist spots rich state and if you happen to be there, do try out the mildly spicy Guguni made out of boiled yellow peas with spicy gravy. 

10. Kattu Parotta 


State – Tamil Nadu

Even though the item originated in Sri Lanka, But Tamil Nadu presents the best and delicious version. It is made up of carrots, scrambled eggs, pea, and beans and it is served with a unique gravy. 

11. Jhalmuri


State – West Bengal 

Even though Panipuri is very popular in the streets of West Bengal, but it is the Jhalmuri that is unique to the state. It contains puffed rice and various spices and it is more like Bhel Puri except for sweet chutney part. 

12. Kalari Kulcha


State – Jammu & Kashmir

Kulcha is famous in many states but J&K has a special type and its serving process is also different. It is made up of Kalari cheese and it is also called the Indian version of Pizza. 

13. Litti Chokhra


State – Bihar

It is one of the most delicious dishes in the entire Bihar and people in Bihar eat it as snacks in the morning as well as in the evening. The outer crust has wheat and yogurt while the inner core has Sattu and there are various chutneys provided with it. 

14. Thukpa 



State – Arunachal Pradesh

There are many who prefer to have soup in the morning and the evening. This is a modified version of the traditional soup that has some unique spices and mixture of vegetables that make it taste beyond description.

15. Punugulu


State – Andhra Pradesh

It is a deep-fried snack which is crunchy outside but absolutely soft inside. It contains onion, yogurt, and coriander. It is served with various chutneys that make it taste awesome. 

These are only some of the most popular streets foods of different states. Thee are lots more to try out and you can mention them in the comment section. 



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