Do You Know These Foods Which Are As Addictive As Drugs?

Every one of us has favorite dishes that we just cannot get enough of. We want them all the time and this has reached an addiction level. Just like a drug-addict needs drug and craves for it, unknowingly, you might have developed an addiction towards your favorite dish. This is because there are certain food items that are truly addictive just like drugs. Wanna know them, well, there are many which fall in the category.


Large consumption of cookies seems to be a normal habit in daily life but it turns out to be an addiction at a later stage. In an expe4riment Jasmine injected rats with cocaine and left them. Later on, he saw those rats preferred to go to the area which contains Oreos as rice cake was also there.


This is addictive food that hardly anyone notices. Large consumption of wheat may not be suitable for health irrespective of whether it contains gluten or not. Most of the wheat lovers prefer to eat sweets and cookies.


This is one of the best sources of proteins. In this, you will find hypoxanthine which let you feel satisfied after its consumption. Hypoxanthine contains all the properties of caffeine. This is the reason most of the people wants to have older meat in which Hypoxanthine content is more.

Ice cream

This has the ability to arouse the exact part of the brain which drugs consumption arouses. Those ice cream lovers’ needs to consume ice cream on a regular basis otherwise it might lead to depression just like drugs addict feels when they do not take drugs when they need.


This is another product which makes you an addict. This is available in most of the junk foods such as sandwich and pizzas. The reason behind addiction towards cheese is that it contains Casein and Casomorphines.



In most cold drinks like Pepsi and Coca-cola, it has the content of caffeine that is the reason for the huge amount of cold drinks consumption. In case if a person does not drink coffee than the consumption of the cold drink can full fill the needs of caffeine.

Potato chips

It is very hard to give up on the habit of eating potato chips. The reason is that it is as addictive as drugs. This is the reason once when the chips packet is open you continue on eating without any stoppage.


This is one of the normal foods that are as addictive as drugs. This is because it contains a large number of sugar, fats, and theobromine which is famous as the drugs of the caffeine of the cocaine world.



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