Which Of These Most Common Skin Diseases Do You Have?

At some point in your life or the other, you might have suffered from skin diseases of various types. In fact, as we speak, you might be suffering from one. Skin diseases are quite common for human beings and the following is the list of the most common skin diseases in the world. If you have one of them, you should not worry as it is common and there are various medications available.


Dark Circles under the eyes are caused mainly due to stress, lack of sleep, exhaustion or allergies. It can be a genetic problem as well. The modern studies have found that excessive sun exposure can also cause dark circles.



Tanning of skin occurs when one comes in direct contact with harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the Sun. Our skin produces a brown pigment called Melanin to protect us from burning. When these UV rays try to penetrate our skins, more melanin gets produced which ultimately causes tanning. People with sensitive and dry skin are more prone to tanning.



Wrinkles are something which one cannot avoid. As we grow old, wrinkles start to appear on our skins. Nevertheless, age wrinkling can be prevented to some extent by opting for healthy food habits and avoiding too much sun exposure. There are certain treatments such as the use of Botox injections, but these are way too costly and cannot remove wrinkles fully.



Several factors can cause acne/pimple problems. The mixture of heat and dust particles that get attracted by the sweat to the skin is the most common factor constituting acne/pimples on the skin. People with oily skins suffer the most. Other factors causing pimple and acne problems are hormonal imbalance and the consumption of junk food.



Due to the lack of moisture in the hair, people often complain about dry and frizzy hair. Exposure to humid weather makes it the worst. There are other reasons which can make hair dull and frizzy, like excessive use of hair styling tools, washing hair with too hot water or damaged hair ends.



Lack of water intake is the primary factor of dehydrated skin. The environmental factors such as cold and dry weather can also cause dryness of the skin. However, the hormonal problems such as the ones caused by the thyroid hormone, PCOD can also contribute to dry skin.



Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, is not a disease, it is, in fact, a common disorder. The excessive sweating can occur either in a specific body part (such as palms, feet or underarms) or the entire body. It can be caused by diseases related to the nervous system, endocrine glands or other systemic types. However, it can also occur in people who are strong and healthy.

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