How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram

Ever wondered while scrolling through your Instagram, how bloggers get famous just by posting pictures of foods and restaurants??

Let’s find out! Here, we will discuss the tips and ways of becoming a food blogger on Instagram.

Who are they?

Food blogging has become an incredible career path for those who love food and loves cooking. Basically, there are four categories on which you can start your own Food blogging-

  • Recipes reviewing
  • Food and Restaurant review
  • Travel and food culture system
  • Food photography

Food bloggers or influential bloggers encourage people linked with them on social media by posting food-related content. Food blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of skills and good social image to draw audiences’ attention. Food bloggers use all kinds of marketing tactics and flourish their business on social media.

Steps to becoming a Food Blogger

Food blogs are popular and easy to produce. But like typical work-from-home options, it takes proper planning, follow-through, and excellent execution skills to be a successful blogger on Instagram.

 Step 1: Search for a domain name

Coming up with a name for a new blog might be a difficult step for some people. You can think of brainstorming ideas that describe your taste or words that describe your cooking style, your lifestyle, your nature, etc.

Talk it out with friends and family to help you out with this. The name must contain all the characteristics. It should be descriptive, relevant, and easy to remember and spell and definitely should be short.

Instagram users gets fascinated with fancy and interesting things. Keeping that in mind, think of a name for your food blog page that sounds attractive and is also easy to remember. So that your friends or Instagram users can easily reach out for you.

Step 2:  Hobnob

With over 350 million photos on Instagram tagged with #food, it’s pretty clear that people are fond of eating, sharing pictures of their food and places that they explore!

For this reason, it is very important to have a uniqueness in the posts or the photos. Simple pictures of what you ate for lunch aren’t going to cut it anymore. In fact, behind every successful Instagram blogger, there is always a good strategy.

Socializing with other food bloggers on Instagram will be helpful for you to understand how they execute their work. Therefore, follow other food-related pages and blogs, extract good content and post it in a better way.

Step 3: Be exclusive

With over 1 billion users on Instagram, it is extremely important to make sure that  your posts and photographs are unique and memorable. May be a post about pineapple pizza.

This is possible when you have excellent ideas. Try sharing some uncommon recipes, or capture pictures of the food in such a way that it looks delicious as well as beautiful.

Step 4: Be descriptive and consistent

A successful profile needs time to grow on social media. Overnight fame stays for very little time. Thus, don’t throw in the towel too early!

Make sure of being consistent while posting. For example, you’ve posted a picture of’ Dum Biryani ‘for the first time on your food blog page, but the description of the Biryani is incomplete?  This gives the wrong impression that you’re apathetic towards your work.

Things to mention in the description box

  • Name of the cuisine or dish
  • Personal ratings
  • Description of the cuisine
  • Price
  • Recommendation

For example, look at the bio of @minimalistbaker below

Step 5: Execution  

 People on Instagram seek attractive photos and videos. The likes on your food page will always depend on these factors-

  • The display of the picture
  • Reviews on the recipe and restaurants
  • Price display
  • Descriptive caption content

Present your post in such a way that you get more and more followers on your  Instagram page. Ask your friends and family members to promote your page. Become a wonderful food blogger on Instagram and gain popularity amongst others. Travel! Explore! Upload!

How to make money being a food blogger on Instagram?

Many people don’t make money out of their posts, they consider it as a part of their hobby or passion. But, some want to earn through their food page. For those, here are few tips you need to follow;

  • Social media collaborations

Revenue comes from partnering with brands on social media. When you start off brand collaboration example Starbucks, Mc Donald’s and many others. It is important to have an ‘advertise’ page on your website. It should have complete contact and email details on the page. Stay ready to work hard and offer maximum value to the brand partners or collaborations.

  • Workshop organization

Conducting workshops is a great way to generate money in your pockets. You can start with self-organized workshops. Besides this, you can tie up with brands to conduct events. Promote the brand through workshops among your audience.

  • Food styling or photography assignments

As food bloggers, styling and taking good pictures of the food is a part of this profession. If you have good photography skills, take up such assignments, explore different places and cuisine. Click! Post! Likes! 

  • Recipe development

Social media collaborations work well if you have a prominent social media presence. Creating new recipes and photos for a number of brands will become a great source of revenue for your work on Instagram.

  • Advertisements

This is a popular method to generate income. Advertise any brand, restaurant or food stall. Once you have a large amount of traffic on your page, you can tie up with an ad network and monetize your blog.

At the end

So now that you know how to become a food blogger on Instagram and make good money, it’s time to get started. We always seek good food blogs to get our taste buds tingling with new ideas. As we can observe, creating a food blog requires hard work and takes time. However, once you’ve flourished on social media rewards and appreciation can make it worth the efforts. 

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