11 Movies That are Absolutely Pointless Yet Super Fun to Watch!


There are movies that make even the average movie-goer question himself, make him think or at least provide kickass entertainment! And there are other movies, such as the ones listed below, that fail in every damn aspect of film making, making them more like a spoof of a different movie but still the original that nobody wants to watch. So gather some friends, and stream/rent/buy them just to mock at the ridiculous acting, plot holes and sometimes the absurdity of the entire plot!




1. John Dies at the End (2012)



A drug, that sends people to a different dimension & time has a huge drawback, that is, the users return as, well, not human! Can two college dropouts save humanity?


They could have saved humanity by not being a part of this movie!




2. Rubber (2010)



This movie is perhaps the most insane of  the lot! A car tyre, that apparently has a mind of it's own, goes on a head-blowing spree after setting it's sight on a WOMAN!






3. ATM (2012)



Three people (co-workers) get trapped in an ATM, threatened by an unknown man and must fight for their lives.






4. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)



Chickens (ZOMBIFIED) try to kill fast-food workers for revenge. And also the fast-food restaurant is built on a burial ground.


I'm gonna watch this with some chicken in my mouth.




5. Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)



Aliens are the good guys and want to stop the humans from creating some sort of a hugely devastating bomb. What do they do, they resurrect people from the dead!


Just why?




6. License to Drive (1988)



A teen who wishes to impress a girl at his school goes for a driver's test and fails miserably, but goes on a night drive around town with his friends anyway.




7. Jack Frost (1998)



A father, returns his son after death, to help him out and keep up his promises before he is gone from the world forever! Who can say no to such a movie?




8. Sharknado (2013)



Made popular by other Tv shows such as the Big Bang Theory, Sharknado  is a movie where sharks terrorize a city when a TORNADO of sharks are dumped all over it! 


WHY does this movie get a sequel every single year???




9. Dracula 3000 (2004)



A SPACESHIP is haunted by a DRACULA, and it terrorized the crew throughout the movie.


Who ever thought of this awful pairing. 




10. Blood Glacier (2013)



You will literally wish for death for chosing to sit through this movie! A group of scientists on the Austrian Alps discover that a glacier is leaking a certain liquid and is affecting the wildlife.


Also, this movie has the distinction of being one of the worst dubbed movies ever!



11. Dead Heat (1988)



In this disaster of a movie, two policemen are brought back to life to hunt the undead! One of them even turns into a zombie!



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