The Most Interesting & Fun Websites You Should Visit When Bored

With over 644 million active websites, there is no way you will not find some of the unique, interesting and fun websites every time you spend some searching them. These are the websites that will make your time worth investing and actually, they will act as stress busters whenever you need them.

If you do not have any hobby for your leisure time, you just got one. The following is a complete list of fun and interesting websites that will keep you hooked on the internet all the time and you will completely forget the funny comics if you are used to them. 



Top 10 Cool Websites


1. Cool Things

This website has the collection of all the coolest things and events on the planet starting from entertainment to gadgets. They keep updating new stuff every day so that the audiences can stay hooking learning about the coolest innovation and products available in the market. 

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2. Cool Interesting Stuff

This is a website ever you can find all the cool mysteries of the world starting from conspiracies, aliens to space and unexplained events. 

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3. River Styx



This is more a game where you have to go through the river Styx and discover Gods, Goddess, demons and very weird things. It is intriguing, gripping and will feel more like an adventurous journey.

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4. Magic Secrets Revealed

This is a YouTube channel where all the biggest secrets of magic are completely revealed. There are many interesting YouTube channels, but this one stands out.

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5. Bought It Once

This is an e-commerce site that lists all the products which have the potential to last lifetime. There are products from every category, and it is like investing once never to invest again. 

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6. Useful Science

It is always great to learn useful stuff about life that is scientifically backed up. Thre are so many categories of facts and useful information available that you would get addicted to it. 

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7. Stratocam and Timelapse


Both of these websites are based on Google Satelittle Images. Stratocam shows you the best available Google Satelittle photos of the different regions of earth forming interesting patterns. Timelapse shows you how a selected place changed over the years.

Website 1 and Visit Website 2


8. TED

If you want to spend quality time on the internet getting yourself motivated, TED talks are the ones you need to watch. The videos are made by popular personalities, and it will change your approach and motivate you to the core. 

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9. Incredibox

This is a really interesting website where you can create amazing music all by yourself just with a few click and remixing available sounds in the library. You can create some of the amazing track you never imagined and hence, spend your time doing something creative.

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10. Weave Silk 


If you like colors and creative designs, this is the platform for you, You can create awesome abstract designs, and you will start appreciation art around you never like before. Create something amazing and show it off on social media. 

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Top 10 Fun Websites –

11. Free Rice

If you want to donate some rice to needy people, all you need to do is spend time on the website answering some simple questions. For every right answer, you will get 10 grains of rice, and it will be donated to needy and hungry people. It is great initiative and fun to be a part of.

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12. The Faces Of Facebook

We all are social media stalkers and like to watch profile pictures of random people. It is especially true for boys who spend hours searching for hot girls. This site has all the profile photos on Facebook accounts in one page, and you have to click at random places to magnify and check them out. 

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13. Damn You Auto Correct



Everyone loves to watch videos that have gone wrong. In this site, you will find the funniest texts that went wrong due to auto correct features. You will end up crying with laughter, and their collection is endless. 

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14. FailBlog

This website contains all the images that went wrong is some funny ways. There are also a huge collection of social media comments that are too funny to read completely. It is surely going to make your day.

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15. Giphy

You probably know that Giphy has the largest collection of GIFs for all genres. GIFs are the hottest thing on the social media these days, and the funny GIFs are so hilarious that you will get reactions from your followers like never before. 

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16. Funny Or Die


If you are looking for some creative blog where they twist and turn the popular things and write some really funny and interesting stuff that you will read and laugh out loud, this is the place to be. 

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17. Is It Normal?

This is a forum where people ask the weirdest questions that most people are embarrassed to ask in public. Most of the questions are related to man and woman relations, dating, sexual acts. You will have a blast reading them. 

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18. Lamebook

This website has the largest collection of hilarious social media posts that will make you laugh even when you are angry.

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19. 9-eyes



They have the collection of the weirdest, funniest and shocking Google Street images around the world that will make you guess the scenario for such an event!

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20. This Is My Website Now

This website lists very interesting small games that you can play on your web browsers and have a lot of fun killing your time. 

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If you have come across some really interesting websites that we have not listed here, do share them in the comment section and bookmark the above ones that you liked the most. If you want to continue these loads of fun try our list of useless websites.



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