List Of 20 Completely Weird & Useless Websites Of The World


Human beings never get satisfied with what they have and always search for something new and better. Search engines are the favorite place where most of us try to find random websites in our leisure for entertainment and getting over our boredom.

There are over 644 million active websites in the world, and among them, you can expect some belonging to the 'what the heck' category. But these weird websites are so useless and dumb that you would start thinking why were they created in first place. Some of them are ridiculous yet funny while others are full of crap



10 Useless Websites Of The World

1. Falling Falling



In the first few section you might form a good impressing of how cool the animation is playing, but soon you will realize it is simply a crap of same animation playing over and over again with different color and there is absolutely nothing on the website. Well, you can either use it as a screensaver and may try and hypnotize yourself.

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2. Jello Time


Visit the site and move your mouse course and then you will be leaving the site with a headache. It is absolutely useless and painful. 

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3. Watching Grass Grow

The website shows a live feed of a greasy field, and the feed is updated every two seconds so that you can watch the grass grow. Are you kidding me? This is as ridiculous as it can get. The design of the site is awful, and that lawn mower with mouse pointer is a stupid as hell!

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4. Corndog On Corndog

How about making a website with only one still picture. That is exactly what this website is. 

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5. Pointer Pointer



This is undoubted the worst thing you can ever come across on the internet. It will ask you to hold your mouse pointer still and show you randomly magnified and distorted photos of people pointing at each other. Simply pointless!

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6. Zombo

This is the dumbest website in the world. Why people create such website is beyond understanding and it also asks you to sign up for the newsletter! Funny!

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7. Push The Emergency Button

You would question yourself why such websites are not banned. It has an emergency button, and you have to press it. You would wish something will happen, but you have to leave the site utterly disappointed. 

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8. The Zombie Dance

This is an awesome site where you can learn zombie's various sexiest dance steps and show them off when you become a zombie. 

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9. Staggering Beauty



No offense, but you will not find any hot beauty in it. All you will find is a black erected cartoon figure that moves with your mouse movement. Shake your mouse vigorously and hurt your eyes. 

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10. Is It Christmas?

If you have the same question in mind, you can visit the site. It is made for people who cannot remember dates like Albert Einstein!

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10 Random Websites Of The World

11. He Man Sings

The website plays an age old He Man animation where He Man sings in a ridiculous voice. Kids may find it funny, hopefully!

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12. The Nicest Place On The Internet

All you will get to see is some random people putting up smiling faces. Well, you would hope that some attractive girls would come up, but unfortunately, it is a recorded YouTube video, and you should kill your hope and get the hell out of the site. 

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13. Vector Park


This is somewhat entertaining even though it does not make any sense. You can pull and press different parts of a human head and watch some flawless animations. 

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14. News Of Future

If you are interested in killing your time reading some crappy future predictions, go ahead. The collection of future news is vast to waste hours. 

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15. InstantCosby

All that this site does is play a random Cosby GIF in the background. You can click to change the GIF and wish your kids find it funny. 

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The site plays a creepy music and kept a cartoon of a toad with animated eyes and expect it to hypnotize people. You would wish you were hypnotized before you landed on this website because it is beyond stupidity. 

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17. Eel Slap

This is somewhat interesting where you get to slap a person as you move your pointer. If you are angry, you should visit the site and take out your frustration. That's it.

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18. Ninja Flex

Ninja is a trending word, and you would be tempted to open it every time it appears in the search engine results. Then you will be forced to block the search engine from taking you to a site that has two ancient age animations.  

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19. Zoom Quilt


This is quite a random site and also very addictive. The basic concept is that it keeps on going deep into a photo and you will be stuck discovering how deep the rabbit hole goes. It is at least intriguing for a few seconds before it starts repeating itself for no reason. 

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20. The Useless Web

If you are not done with the ridiculousness of the above-listed site, then you need to try out the website and be fooled by its uselessness. Press the "Plese" button on the website. 

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Before you check them out, do not be in an agitated state because some of them can make you lose control with their dumbness. Also, check out our collection of the fun websites which surely will make you smile especially when you are bored.



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