List Of 25 Selfies Gone Wrong That Became Viral On Social Media

Who does not like to take a perfect selfie? People do crazy stunts to take the perfect selfie only to post on media like and get likes and shares. However, there are many creative ideas of taking selfies which can go viral too. In the process of taking a selfie so many have died an immature death just because they wanted to be unique.

'Selfie' has become the word and the hashtag of the decade. 75% of people take selfie only to post on social media. But sometimes, things do not go as you want them to be. Here is a compilation of the selfies gone wrong that will make you laugh out loud. 



Check Out the List of Selfies That Gone Wrong


Hilarious Selfies

1. Batwoman Spotted?



What is she trying to do there in her bathroom with her tongue out? Is she trying to create a new ridiculous emoticon?


2. Some Girls Deserve It



It is a fact that girls take far more selfies than boys and hence, Instagram profiles are completely covered with selfies in different postures. Sometimes, it drives men crazy to show girls signs to peace out!


3. Trying Too Hard



She is definitely suffering from constipation, and she has to be her enemies because she is loving it. 


4. Biggest Selfie Ever


With such a physique, it has to be the unique and biggest selfie of them all. 


5. Knock Out Punch



One of the reasons why girls go to sports events is to take some perfect selfies. But they never weigh in the upcoming tragedy.


6. The World Upside Down



He took the concept of upside down to an extreme level or is he portraying his multitalented personality? Taking selfie and washing head at the same time!


7. Mirrors Always Reveal The Secret



Mirrors are dangerous props to have while taking selfies because they can reveal so many secrets to ruin your selfie and embarrass you to the core. 


8. Selfie Before Going Down



It must be his girlfriend who put all those delicious food stuff on his body. She must be a foodie at heart and wants to lick every part. 


9. The Dirtiest Selfie



Always flush your pan unless you want everyone to cringe and block your social media profile.


10. Kim Kardashian Special



No wonders why the elephant has to blow air on her to cool off her hotness.


Stupid Selfies


11. Always Check Your Background


One of the biggest reasons why taking a selfie has killed so many people is because people lose themselves in the camera without any awareness of what is around. 


12. Death Waits For None



It is certain that the car would not be in recognizable shape after the selfie was taken but did the guy survive?

13. The Current Trend Of Stupidity



This is exactly why you will find more people taking selfies than helping a person when an accident happens! No wonders, if this guy's home was set on fire once he uploaded this. 


14. Obsession Leads To Habit



People are so habituated with taking selfies that they have forgotten the appropriateness of time and place to take it. Looks like she is happy that the near one has died.


15. Camera Over Baby



The craze of the selfie is so high that mom pays more attention to the camera than to their babies and they are not ashamed of exposing in front of the entire world.


16. Price Paid!



Selfie with a shark is probably the coolest thing this guy thought it to be. Achieving unrealistic dream can take your life away.


Naughty Selfies

17. Is That A Yoga Posture?



She must be a yoga teacher taking a perfect selfie to share with her students how exactly to do it like a pro.

18. Selfies For Boyfriend



That moment when your boyfriend asks for a hot selfie, and you go to the bathroom to take it and forget to close the door in a hurry. No wonders, if her mom books a bed in a mental asylum!


19. Spoiling The Kids


Women get so deeply engaged with selfies that they forget that kids are around. The expression of the kid is priceless.

20. Obsessed With Bananas



Not sure why but girls have shown a progressive trending in uploading selfies where they are stuffing banana and burger in their mouth as if they are playing dirty mind challenge. 


21. Whacky Brother



If you think you are the only person in the world to take unique photos, you need to watch your surrounding.


22. Pets Can Be Risky



Taking selfies with pets might seem to be unique but something you have to take care of the details not to give the wrong impression.


23. Shave Before You Click



This is a perfect example of how you can turn a hot selfie to an ugly one.


24. The Revealing Selfie



That is how you take a naughty selfie for your boyfriend. This has to be her first dress that her parents bought for her.


25. The Ultimate Relief



Taking a selfie in a crowded place can be so harmful!


Take your lesson from these selfies gone wrong and in the pursuit of taking a unique selfie, do not post something similar that will make you a troll overnight. 



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