Top 5 Weirdest Discoveries Ever Made In The History!

Life never seems to surprise us but the earth has more surprises to offer. The archaeologists have made so many discoveries and each one of them has been extremely surprising. But among all of them, there are some that should be classified as the weirdest discoveries of all time. Let us check them out and we are sure that they will leave you wondering.

The Atlantis City –

This has to be the lost weirdest discovery in the history of mankind. It is believed that a Tsunami hit the city and sank the city of Atlantis. However, it could be far from the truth and research is still on-going. The ruins of the city are spectacular to look at which is why it is so weird.

Demonic Bird Claw –

This is the scariest discoveries where a bird claw as big as the one you see in the photo was discovered from a New Zealand cave. As you can see, there are still muscles and fleshes available. It was later discovered that the claw belongs to a wingless bird called Moa. From deduction, it was confirmed that the bird weighed as much as 250 kilos.

Nazca Lines –

This is one of the wildest discoveries and it took a lot of time to understand and decode them. These are white lines that form certain common shapes like in geometry. However, these lines are extremely large so much so that you have to see them from a height like when you are on an airplane or a helicopter.

Moai Statue –

This is an iconic discovery and the scientists are still confused as to how ancient people can carve them out. There are nearly 300 statues and some of them weigh as much as 80 tons. The base shape lets them shift position when pulled with strong ropes.

The Voynich Manuscript –

There are so many manuscripts the archaeologists unearth all the time. Sure, it takes them time to decode the manuscript and the writings and meanings of all the texts. However, there is an exception which is the Voynich Manuscript which none of the finest brains in the world could decode so far.


Apart from these, the Stonehenge is quite peculiar a structure or monument if you want to say it likewise. However, some would call the pyramids as the greatest and weirdest discoveries as how they were built is still a mystery to this day.

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