Top Spectacular Islands Of The World

No matter how beautiful the different tourist spots are, there is nothing that can beat the beautiful islands across the world. In fact, the spectacular islands of the world have become the favorite honeymoon destinations. The following list contains the top 10 best islands of the world that you should consider visiting once in your lifetime.

Falkland Island

This island gives the best opportunity of watching penguins without risking an Antarctic voyage. Currently, the Argentines are trying to get control over the political troubles cannot underestimate the island’s natural beauty. The withstood territory of the Falkland Island lies in the South-West Atlantic Ocean of Patagonian coast.


Majuli Island

Get a rare sneak-peek into the life of the tropical tribes. Majuli is the largest river island in the world. You can try an offbeat island peeping out of river Brahmaputra. Majuli is mostly populous by people cut off by modernity. It’s also famous as a bird-watching spot.


Bazaruto Archipelago

There’s a permanent resident in the water around the island like manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks, and turtles. Bazaruto archipelago rightly takes in the title “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. The island’s rich population of fauna sets it apart. The island flaunts it all with its virgin beauties.



It is a magnificent island with exotic villas and mysterious caves that opens and closes with the tides. There’s a high chance you may never want to leave if you visit Capri. Capri holds the legendary beauty of popular personalities, artists, kings and similarly the common man.



Make a memory for life and experience the unique essence of the Balinese people. In Bali, Hinduism is a lifestyle, a disposition that is hard to ignore. You’ll be spellbound by interesting temples and out of the world mythological tales. Skilled craftsmanship can teach you lots of new things.



Get that once in a lifetime experience by watching a thousand varieties of living beings existing peacefully without human disturbances. You’ll easily fall in love with the unique animals found nowhere else in the world. People who set foot on this island cry while leaving the island.


Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora offers a whole array of water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The color that rules on this island is turquoise with towering rainforests and iconic floating bungalows. A visit to this island will change your perspective of expressing stress.  It’s also one of the honeymooner’s hotspots.


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