Fun Li’l facts series – 13 Facts About August, the Month in which Humans Flew


August is a month known for meteor showers, that start at the later half of July and continue on through mid-August. Most workers are given vacation during this month in the European countries. Also when the roman civilization flourished, many ritual and sacrificial ceremonies were held during this month as it was considered a sacred time, and this was Augustus's favorite month! So, here are the facts about august.



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1. Named after…




Formerly called Sextilis which in latin means the sixth month but was later changed to August in honor of the first emperor of Rome, Augustus.




2. Birthstones are…




The birthstone for the people born this month are peridot, sardonyx, and spinel. 




3. Indian Independence!




India attained independence from the British rule after being a British colony for nearly 200 years. On August 15, 1947, India was declared a free country.




4. Sports Illustrated's first ever issue




The biggest sports media franchise Sports illustrated published its first issue on August 16, 1954. On its cover was Eddie Mathews of Milwaukee Braves at bat and Wes Westrum of New York Giants as the catcher.




5. Zodiac Signs





The Zodiac signs for the month of August are:

  • Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)
  • Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)




6. Helium was discovered!




The first amongst the noble gases, Helium was discovered by scientists Pierre Janssen & Norman Lockyer on August 18, 1868, when Janssen discovered & Lockyear discovered yellow spectral line from their respective labs at France and Britain.




7. Trinidad & Tobago got its independence




Trinidad and Tobago, the island nation in the Caribbean became independent of British rule on August 31, 1962.




8. Hiroshima & Nagasaki were destroyed by an atomic bomb!




The worst nuclear attacks in history went down on August 6 & August 9, 1945, during WW II when the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombarded with "little boy" and "fat man", two atomic bombs!




9. The Wright Bros. airplane made its public debut!




August 8, 1908, saw the first public flight of the aircraft that the Wright brothers Wilbur and Orville had built nearly 5 years ago at the Hunaudieres race course in France.




10. The first major rock concert was held




On August 15, 1965, the Beatles played at the at Shea Stadium in New York. This is considered to be the first ever rock concert!






11. Amelia Earhart's flight!




Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Also, on August 24, 1932, she completed her flight across the USA non-stop from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey, the first by a woman.




12. The Beatles' last performance!




The most successful British band, the Beatles gave their final concert on 29 August 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.




13. Interesting traits of August borns




Those who are born in this month are known to be attractive, brave and fearless. Also, they love to joke, dream big and are quite easily distracted. 


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