7 Recipes Eaten By Kings That You Can Eat At Home Too!

The recipes and dishes have been improving and changing from ancient times to modern times. At times, you must be wondering what the kinds and queens of that period used to eat. Today, we are bringing the dishes the kings of the medieval period used to eat and these are some of those that you can prepare in modern times. Go through them and try to prepare them at home.


A king has many guests to receive on different occasions. King’s Palace is a place where numbers of guests come in daily life. In order to impress their guests and to have a good impression on them, a big piece of pork with high-quality sauce was important for guests. This was one of the important meals for the guests and also comes with high value. This is an important part of a royal feast.

Payn Ragoun

This is a medieval candy. During those days this was offered with non-veg foods rather than serving it as snacks. In order to get a taste of this, we need to mix up some honey and water together and cook it in low heat. We have to add groundwater on it and pine nut also until it thickens.

Verde Saawse

This is one of the vital element of the present-day Mediterranean dish. This is very famous among the people of the Mediterranean region and this sauce is very delicious to have with different types of food items. Richard II was crazy and one of the fans of this sauce.

Poached Eggs

The cooking process of poaching an egg at present is exactly the same the way it was during the medieval period. During medieval period theses poach eggs important for breakfast. These poached eggs were served with a special type of sauce to make it delicious. This food is still important at present for most of the people.

Payn Fondue

This is one of the important desserts of the United Kingdom and is very popular among its citizens. This is a unique dessert that is made of bread. Frying some bread with oil and mixing egg whites in a red wine allows you to prepare a better bread pudding.


This dish is a mixture of all different types of vegetables that are available.  This is a dish that is made of leftover vegetables that are put onto a utensil for cooking. It is made of carrots and radishes. Offering this with high-quality sauce enhances its taste. Boiling a wine and honey together and pouring it into the compost makes this dish much tastier.

Almond Milk Rice

This is one the expensive dish that hardly anyone dares to cook. During the medieval period, most of the people had likings for almond and using almond milk in preparing rice is not a surprise. This is the type of rice pudding and dessert.



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