Simple Yoga Postures For Beginners

There are literally uncountable benefits of yoga and everyone should incorporate yoga in their lives for better living and health. However, there are many who get scared of yoga due to its different poses that seem to be difficult to perform. But there are certain yoga postures that are perfect for beginners.

Mountain Pose- Tadasana

This yoga asana enhances balancing structure of a human body and takes your attention to the moment at present. It can look like you are just standing, there but this is just to start the whole practice. All forms of yoga asana are 100% beneficial to the human body.

Chair Pose- Utkatasana

This pose will give a chance to practice patience. Your thighs work hard with this yoga pose, so just follow your breath. This pose of yoga tones up your legs, upper arms and shoulders. This pose might also lead to a burning sensation in your thigh.

On Chair Downward Dog- Uttana Shishosana

This downward pose is the best yoga pose,  however, it can be a little complex for beginners. This pose offers benefits as stretching the hamstring, the classic pose and opening the shoulders. It also aids in prolonging the spine without pressurizing the upper bodyweight.

Downward Facing Dog- Adho Mukha Svanasana

This downward faced dog aids in stretching the body and in prolonging the spine.  This pose also expands your shoulder.  This pose produces a soothing outcome in the human body. There is nothing to lose when one practices yoga.  As a matter of fact yoga will certainly uplift the overall health of one.

Triangle Pose- Trikonasana

This triangle pose will certainly assist you in raising balance in your body. However, this pose can be pretty ambitious for you in the initial phase, due to the stiff muscles. It will also aid in producing a sense of enlargement in your body.

Tree pose- Vrksasana

Tree pose aids in ameliorating one’s concentration and body balance.  And all of it will help in toning up the arches of the feet as well as the outer hips. Any yoga practices definitely help in decreasing stress, tension and anxiety.

Bridge Pose- Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This bridge yoga poses will benefit in digestion process and that is a truth which many people don’t know.  This pose aids in stretching one’s spine and back.  Bridge pose will also energize your back bend and help in expanding your chest.

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