7 Most Difficult Languages Of The World one Should Learn

We all have that one friend who has learned a foreign language and agree or not, we all have got envious (a bit) of the same and have wished that we could learn some different language too. In fact, it’s a thing of talent and confidence when you know another set of language; imagine going to that respective country and flaunting your language skills while communicating with the locals!

What more, you can bag a really good job if you have mastered a foreign language. But oh, some languages are so darn difficult that you either completely want to stay away from them or totally want to pursue one for the challenge and benefits of it. Want to know some languages that are extremely difficult to learn? Check out the most difficult languages of the world to rock and roll your tongue and vocal chords.



1. Chinese


Spoken by over a billion people in the world, this branch of Sino-Tibetan language family actually has various forms of Chinese used by different groups of people. The reading and writing comprehensibility plays a major part of its difficulty, not to forget the tone system and use of homophones.



2. Arabic


First used in 6th century, Arabic language is a constituent of an Afro-Asiatic family of language and the way it has been constructed is considered as one of the most difficult ones in the world. It is spoken by people from various territories, like across the Middle East, Horn of Africa and North African nations.



3. Icelandic


The native language of Iceland, this North Germanic language is greatly influenced by the languages – Swedish and Danish. What makes this language so difficult is its complex grammar and ancient vocab. The modern Icelandic is not too free of the barbaric vocabulary too.



4. Japanese


Japanese is natively concentrated in Japan but is heavily influenced by the Chinese language. Similar to the latter, the way it is written gives zero clues about the way it is spoken and with the many politeness grammatical expressions, it becomes all the more difficult.



5. Sanskrit


Derived during the Old Indo-Aryan period, Sanskrit forms the base of many languages of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Being one of the most technical texts increases its difficulty level. Sadly, the use of Sanskrit in the sphere of being spoken has declined in the recent past.



6. Vietnamese


Vietnamese, as the name suggests, is the national language of Vietnam. This language is heavily influenced by Chinese but Latin is the language that forms the base of its alphabets. It is also popularly spoken among the Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.



7. Thai


Thai has its borrowings from multiple languages like Sanskrit, Pali, and Old Khmer although it is from the Tai-Kadai family. The National language of Thailand, Thai or Siamese’s intricate orthography is what makes it such a difficult language to learn and speak.



How did you like reading about the 7 most difficult languages to learn in the world? Do put down your comments and let us know your thoughts about the foreign languages. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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