Your Good Manners Might Be Bad in some Countries! Mind the Etiquettes


Good etiquettes are an instant turn on and the practice is thus followed by lots of guys trying to woo a girl. But, what to do when you get the basic manners wrong? Yes, your basic manners, as appropriate as they are in your everyday life, might be devastatingly wrong while traveling to foreign lands. The difference in the countries of the world runs deep down to the basic etiquettes, the thought of learning which prior to going abroad would not have even crossed your mind! To save you from the disgrace and embarrassment of getting basic manners wrong, here are 8 etiquettes you should know about if your travelling is not bound to the boundaries of your nation.



1. Yes and No


Yes and No, nod for a yes, shake for a no, basic stuff, right? Wrong! While it works absolutely fine in most countries, you want to nod your head to communicate a no and shake for a yes in countries like Greece and Bulgaria. Opposites, Yes?







2. Greetings


First impression is the last impression. Take care of the how you meet the other person and you might win him just with a proper, thoughtful greet.

UK and US – Firm handshake from right hand.

Thailand – Bow with both hands folded.

Japan – Bow from waist with hands by the side and back flat.

France – Left cheek kiss, followed by more cheek kisses. 







3. Coin Respect


While stepping foot on the coin or standing on money might be a normal act in your country, you should know the coin reverence in others. In Thailand, the coins are decorated with the King’s face and you just cannot disrespect a King by stepping on them! Better still, avoid stepping on money anywhere!







4. Nose Picking


Everyone hates to see someone picking his nose but prefers to do that rather than bearing the so-irritating mucus sounds. But But! If you are in Japan, you are being rude and impolite if you blow the nose in public. So, blow when the crowd is low!







5. Looking Down


Looking down is perceived in two very different ways among the nations. While some see it as a symbol of giving respect to people of higher social status, the citizens of some other countries view looking down as a mark of shame, embarrassment, and dishonesty.







6. Pointing


Pointing towards a person is considered as a rude and offensive act in many countries, some of which, Indonesia for example, do not even approve of pointing to give directions. What to do then? Make a fist and use your thumb to communicate directions.







7. Burp


Research beforehand if you are free or not to release the burp while travelling afar. In Canada, burping is great for it is an appreciation sign for the chef and the food. But, you want to be careful in other nations where burping is only going to get you weird looks and glances.







8. Gifts


Going to a party empty-handed? Bad Idea!

Opening the presents in front of the guest in Japan & Columbia? Bad Idea!

Not opening the gifts in front of the guest in other nations? Bad Idea!

Google-ing before attending or throwing a party in foreign land? Good Idea!






Exercising wrong basic manners could be life threating; people get really offended! Hope this helps next time you go for a trip. Do put down your comments on what you feel about the etiquettes’ problems. Cheers!


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