Your Complete Guide to Comfortable Summer Pieces

In India, summer arrives at the drop of a hat. The brunt of its unbearable nature is borne by our clothes. Indeed, the blazing sun and all the heat lead to excessive sweating, something that is not only uncomfortable for you if you’re wearing the wrong fabric but also spoil the clothes over time. Thereafter, there is also the issue of such fabric trapping foul body odor of perspiration.

The answer to the problem lies in cool clothing. In a day and age when we spend an increasing amount of time away from home and mostly at work or traveling, the need for all-day comfortable clothing has increased. Hence, it is necessary to always consider the following pointers while purchasing summer clothing online.

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Opt for breathable fabrics

In summers, the body generates sweat to maintain a cool body temperature. When this sweat evaporates, it induces a cooling effect on the skin. Therefore, it is imperative that perspiration gets a proper outlet to the outside air. You must be wearing breathable fabrics for this to happen.

For this purpose, cotton is the best fabric for summer. It is very comfortable on the skin and maximizes airflow to keep your body cool. It also absorbs sweat and moisture from the skin effectively. Opting for high-quality options such as the soft, durable and bright SUPIMA Cotton by PostFold results in long-lasting summer clothes.


SUPIMA Cotton t-shirts and shirts effortlessly blend class, function, and form, and allow for fabrication of more comfortable and durable clothes. Not only is SUMIPA Cotton two times softer and three times stronger than its counterparts, but also consists of 50% longer fibers that resist pulling, breaking or tearing. It also reacts quite well with dye to produce clothes which retain their color for a long time.

Linen is yet another terrific choice for extreme summers due to its light weight and breathability. Moreover, linen shirts add a touch of class and variety to any wardrobe as well. One must remember though that there are some fabrics that must be absolutely avoided in summers, such as silk and synthetics. This is due to the fact that they create an insulating layer over the skin that traps heat and leads to discomfort.

Select preferably lightweight clothes and lighter hues

The lighter the fabric of your summer clothes, the faster they will dry out, thus providing you quick relief from sweat. This is where cotton and linen excel. Not only are they thoroughly breathable, but also feel light and airy when donned.

Even in cotton, the way it is fabricated lends to the weight of the clothing article. While SUPIMA cotton, poplin and Madras cotton are very light, twill is not. Also, avoid clothes with polyester, silk or satin linings.

As for colour, wear as light-coloured clothes in summer as possible. Science will tell you that the darker the colour of the cloth, the more heat it will absorb.

Choose pieces that protect against the harmful rays of the sun

If you spend most of your time outdoors, and are regularly under the mercy of direct summer heat, then going for protective summer clothes is suggested. While style does matter, at the end of the day, we must understand that our clothing is what protects us from the damaging rays and UV radiation of the sun.

In this regard, opting for full sleeve shirt or tees or picking pants over shorts when you intend to spend hours outdoors is a good practice. Adding accessories such as hats and sunglasses to your summer wardrobe gives you much more options for protecting sensitive areas against the sun.

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