World AIDS Day: 15 Surprising facts to know about HIV

Today is world AIDS day and it is celebrated to make people aware regarding the hazardous effect of HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This is yet another disease after cancer which is incurable. HIV virus directly affects our immune system thereby reducing the ability to fight with other infection and disease. It is now high time to make aware people regarding AIDS and its causes. So, here I am with some surprising facts about HIV that everyone should be aware of.



1. In the year 1959, the first known human was infected with HIV and he was a native of the Democratic republic of Congo.






2. A person infected with HIV is not necessarily suffering from AIDS. After the HIV virus attacks our immune system, it causes AIDS n the host body.






3. A normal baby can be born out of HIV positive parents with advanced medical treatments and medicines 






4. Near about 35million of people are infected with HIV worldwide out of which 1.8 million are children.






5. Ingestion of blood from an HIV-infected person does not cause AIDS






6. Every day more than 900 children are infected with HIV worldwide






7. The person suffering from AIDS can have s*x but using protection.






8. A female is more prone to be affected by HIV than male






9. ART (Antiretroviral therapy) is a boon for HIV-infected patient to maintain a  healthier lifestyle






10. Gay s*x is more vulnerable to HIV virus rather than heterosexual intercourse.






11. 75% of HIV patients are not even aware of they are infected.






12. HIV virus can survive in syringes for 4-5 weeks even after wiping the blood. 






13. It took 10 yrs to spread HIV from Africa to the  whole world






14.  In the year 1930, HIV was transmitted from monkey to human being






15. HIV virus has been found in saliva but never been shown spreading disease.







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