What to Say When Someone Dies to Console Their Family


The death of a loved one is the one thing that hurts the most in this world. It could be sudden, or a fact that the near and dear ones would have come to digest over a period of time. In any case, the loss of that one person or people will always leave a huge hole in your heart, and that hole takes an enormous amount of time and effort to heal.


During such times, we sometimes won't know what to say to the grieving person. To help you figure out what exactly you could say or do to make the situation a little better, we have compiled this list of things that you could use. Read them below.




Check Out What to Say When Someone Dies?


1. How are you doing?


This shows that you care about them and are asking about their state, and are empathizing with them


2. I am here for you if you need anything at all 


There would obviously be a lot of things to do and the closest family of the deceased would clearly be in no state of mind to go about doing them.


3. I know he/she had a tough time.


If you know that the person who died suffered near their end, this could be an empathizing enough response to a close family member.


4. I know how it is to lose someone so special.


When you know that it is an elderly person who is deceased, it is better to say this rather than saying, "they are in a better place" or "she is happier now".


5. I understand that someone so special can always be a part of you, forever.


This can be a part of the words to console someone has spent lots of years with the deceased and find it very difficult to come to terms with their absence even after a long time.


6. How about a hug, sweety?


When something devastating has happened like the death of a loved one, humans crave comfort in another person. And a hug can be just what they wanted. 


7. I am always here for you, and if you feel like saying something you know that I am only a phone call away.


These simple words can mean the world to the person in mourning, and also gives the strength, courage, and confidence to face all that has to be faced.


8. I am very sorry for your loss, we will always remember John and how he brought joy to everyone around him.


Although the commonality is right there, it is probably the best thing that one can do when he or she attends the funeral service of a friend or family.


9. I'm going to the grocery store, I'll bring you some milk (or anything).


When someone has died is the time for the friends and family to step up and help the grievers through those tough times. And instead of just asking what help they need, you can just say what you'll be doing and they would agree.



10. Would you like to talk about him/her?


Sometimes, people tend to bottle up feelings when they have seen the death of a loved one. It is never a good thing to have stoppered everything you feel, and you need an outlet.


11. I wish I could take this pain away from you. Just know that I am praying for your comfort.


Talking about their pain and saying that you are praying for them always gives the grieving, strength.


12. Jenny was such a generous person. Although her life ended, her legacy will still live on.


Saying things that they were actually known for, and that their work will always be appreciated alleviates the pain.


13. I will miss Carrie's kind smile and sweet words. Although she has passed on, her spirit will always be alive in our hearts.


Mentioning a few of the deceased person's kind and positive qualities can make the situation better.


14. I can't even imagine the pain you are going through and I'm deeply sorry for your loss.


Just saying this can send an empathizing message to the grieving family and friends.


15. May all those pleasant and blissful memories with Phineas bring you solace 


This could bring up great memories with the deceased and make it a bit more hurtful but nevertheless is comforting.


16. I wish you nothing but strength and comfort during these trying times. May he/she rest in peace.


Wishing for the deceased person's soul to rest in peace is one of the kindest gestures that anyone in a funeral can make.


17. Not saying anything


You could always sit with them, take a walk with them, do their chores, make a cup of coffee and just let them speak their mind for as long as they want.



Thank you for reading through this article and let us know below, what you think of these suggestions and if they helped you in the comments and the reactions sections.



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