10 Weirdest Cars That You Won’t Believe But Truly Exist


After a home, cars are something that human being love to possess. From luxurious cars to expensive ones, we get to see the beauties on the road that even distract our eyes from opposite gender. But there are some weirdest cars that exist only for weirdest people to buy. Check them out and maybe you will own one some day. 



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1.  Peel P50




It is a tiny car and it has three wheels. As a matter of fact, it could be the smallest car on the planet. It looks so weird as if someone has stolen and rear part. They are fuel efficient but has no back gear. You can lift or drag them.




2. Tasco 




It is inspired from an airplane. It has a joystick and airplane-like controls. The ceiling has glasses and it was designed to be a sports car and ended up in a museum. 




3. Amphibious Lamborghini




It looks weird because it is designed to be perfect to ride on the road as well as on the water. It has propellers and you can say this is a perfect James Bond car.




4. Carburetor




It has balloon-type of tyres which lets it float on water especially to ride on swamp areas. It looks really weird, to say the least. Some expert drivers can go up the hill with it. Scary!




5. Firebird III




It was designed by General Motors. It is inspired by a jet plane. It has titanium body and has a cockpit like designing from the inside. It has an automated system to avoid an accident. Quite advanced!




6. BMW Gina




It looks classic but still makes on the list of the weirdest cars because it can withstand extreme temperature. So you can use it to drive in Antarctica or in the Equator. Headlights are designed to see through snowy weather. 




7. Splinter




It looks more like a wooden car but it is a luxury car. It can travel at 250 miles per hour and some find it very attractive because of its polished surface. 




8. Pyramid Electric Car




This has to be the weirdest car on the list. It literally looks like a pyramid but it is fuel efficient and hence, made only for those who do not care about what people think of them.




9. Mercedes F015




This is the most advanced car ever designed. It is an automatic car and the inside is nothing less than a luxurious hotel. It is more like you will be in a dream. 




10. Terrafugia Transition




Saving the best for the last, this car can ride on the road and fly in the air. The design is goofy, and unless you own an island, you will not buy it. 



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