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7 Weird Life Hacks That Seem Unbelievable But Surprisingly Work

There are a number of life situations when we reject something at the first glance because they seem too good or weird to work. However, some of those weird things that actually work in life much to your surprise. People apply so many life hacks in their lives to get a job done without labor or money. Here are certain weird life hacks that you may not believe that they will work, but they are hidden gems.

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Lock With Chopstick –

Locking the doors is mandatory irrespective of what you are doing inside. When you have a broken lock, you can use your chopsticks to lock the door at least for the time the carpenter comes around.

Hang With Hair Tie –

Keeping the phone while charging it is a common problem. If you do not have a phone holder or rack nearby, you can use your hair tie to hang the phone perfectly. For safety, you can keep a cushion at the bottom. It is especially useful when you are in a hotel.

Settle The Confusion –

Every headphone set has a left earphone and a right side. However, the ‘R’ and ‘L’ are written in very small font. It is very confusing and frustrating to check the correct side. Therefore, if you have a white and black headphone, exchange the earplug so that you can distinguish the sides easily.

Carry Soup While Traveling –

While traveling in the car, carrying food especially the ones having soup or juice is troublesome. The lids of the bowls get displaced. You can use rubber bands to hold everything tightly and there will be no leakage by any means.

Alternative To Iron –

When your iron is damaged our outside, if you have a pan, take hot water and with it iron your dress. You may not get the perfection of iron but it would be enough to go out with the dresses.

Keeping The Bobby Pins –

Girls find it very difficult to keep the bobby pins. They lose it very often and even when you keep in a drawer, it is difficult to spot it among all other things. The solution to this issue is a magnetic strip. Install the magnetic strip in your bathroom or drawer. Attach the bobby pins on the strip and never lose them again.

Laptop Cooling –

Any laptop gets heated up with long hours of use. The fault is in the design of a laptop and they force the users to buy a cooling pad. However, you can use forks to create some space between the surface and the back of the laptop. This will let the hot air pass away easily.

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