17 Ways to Use Citrus Peels That Nobody Told You Before


Most of us love to have citrus food like oranges, lemons, grapes, especially in juice form. We squeeze out the juice and throw away the peels. But the peels are more useful than the fruit itself. There are so many different ways you can use them that next time you buy a citrus food, you are going to make the full use of it. Here are the top 17 ways to use citrus peel like never before. 



1. Citrus Olive Oil


Prepare a zest of lemon by peeling off the outer layer of any citrus food preferably lemon. Then grate it as fine as you can. Take olive oil in a cup and add citrus zest to it. Let is stand in a jar for two weeks at least and then filter the oil and check the flavor.



2. Citrus Flavoured Tea


We generally add lemon juice to tea to make it lemon tea that is quite popular but instead if you add citrus peel in tea and have it, the taste is uniquely awesome. 



3. Citrus Extracts


The citrus extract is used to apply on the skin to rejuvenate it and get back the glow. You can use any citrus food for it. The peels must be fresh and use a mixture machine to prepare the extract. 



4. Citrus Sweet


It is difficult to relate to the idea of citrus peels turning into a sweet item. You need citrus peels, sugar, and water. You can find numerous recipes on the internet. 



5. Citrus Pepper 


It is not quite popular, but it is very different and adds taste to your food. All you have to do is make zest of lemon and add pepper and let the mixture dry. Then use a mixture machine to fine tune them.


6. Citrus Flavouring



Take freshly cut citrus peels and grate them finely by removing the outer layer. Once done, you can cook with them or use them for garnishing. 



7. Citrus Peel Sugar


You must have had lemon sugar or citrus sugar but be brave to try out citrus peel sugar drink sometime during the summer. 



8. Lemon Liqueur


You might have taken a bite on the slice of lemon while drinking hard drinks but you can add lemon peels to your liquor to create a superb cocktail. 



9. Nail Whitener


Take a citrus peel and rub it on your nails especially those at your feet and bring back their natural color. 



10. Citrus Scrub


Take chopped citrus peels and add sugar and olive oil and make a solid paste. Take a shower and then use the paste to scrub your skin. Your skin will be smoother than ever. 


11. Natural Cleaner


Take some citrus peels and add vinegar into it and let it stand in a jar for a few days. Then add vinegar to the water to wash your rooms, and it will clean it like never before.



12. Stain Removal


If you have a stubborn stain on your table or screen, use a citrus peel to remove it in a few seconds.



13. Natural Scent


If your kitchen stinks, take a bowl of water, put in some orange peels, cloves and cinnamon sticks and let it boil. The steam will bring sweet aroma to your kitchen and slowly spread across your rooms. 


14. Ant Removal 


Whenever and wherever you find ants ganging up in your home, place some citrus peels in that area and watch the magic.



15. Clean Your Microwave Oven


Just take a bowl with half filled water and throw some citrus peels in it and let it boil for five minutes at least and the steam will condense on the interior of the microwave. Then take a dry cloth and wash it off. 



16. Citrus Shining


Add some salt to a metal that has stained and then rub it well with the citrus peels and bring back the shine again. 



17. Citrus Freshener



At last, if you have nothing to do with the peels, just throw them in the trash can and let them absorb all the foul smells. 


Try them out one by one and enrich your food habits, beauty treatment, and lifestyles with citrus peels like never before. 



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