10 Ways Of Getting Kicked Off An Airplane Easily

It is not often that you hear about people getting kicked off from an airplane as hospitality and good behavior towards all customers are always on the priority list. But there had been many instances where passengers were kicked out of an airplane for certain reasons. Kicking off means they were escorted out by airplane officials and even police out of the airplane in the next stop or even before the plane got off the airport. Here are ten reasons you can also get kicked off from airplanes easily. 



1. Provocative Dresses


If you put on dresses with provocative pictures and labels that are offensive like too political or sexual or the dresses are revealing your private parts, you will be asked to change your dress or get off the airplane. 


2. Dropping Too Many F-Bombs


One of the easiest ways to getting kicked off is by behaving too rudely with the air host and hostess for no reasons. Using too many slangs or showing provocative gestures will get your ticket canceled immediately. 


3. Too Much Body Weight


If you are overweight such that you cannot sit on your seat comfortably and you are taking up all the spaces from your co-passengers and most importantly, cannot buckle the seat belt, you will be asked to leave with a full refund as it is not safe to travel like that. 


4. Unhygienic Odor


If you have not take showers for days or just that there is a too much bad odor coming out of your body and you look quite dusty and sweaty, you will not be offered a deodorant. Rather, you will be escorted off the airplane unless there is an entire row free for you. 


5. Refuse To Turn Off


While in the traveling mode, passengers are asked to switch off mobile phones and laptops. If any passenger does not obey that and starts thinking that he owns the airplane, he or she will be shown the door no matter how popular he is. After all, it is a matter of security. 


6. Creating Mess In Bathroom


There had been many occasions where couples have been escorted out of an airplane in the next stop as they were getting too passionate in the bathroom and weird noises were distracting the passengers and children traveling. Please use the bathroom for its right purpose. Unleash the beast when you reach your destination.


7. Drugged or Intoxicated


If your co-passenger complains that you are too intoxicated and air hostesses sense that you have taken illegal drugs, you will be kicked out and handed over to police.


8. Your Toddler Is Creating Unbearable Noise


If your toddler cannot keep his or her mouth shut while traveling and continuously annoys the passenger with loud and irritating noise, chances are cent percent that you will never reach your destination that day. 


9. Get Into Fight or Harassment


Love thy neighbor even when you are on a plane. If you happen in getting into a fist fight with any co-passenger, you will be escorted out by police.  Even when you sexually harass a female passenger, the consequence would be the same. 


10. When You Are Sick or Allergic


If you are allergic to some food that will be served on the airplane and you have a cold and you are sneezing uncontrollably, you will be shifted to a vacant row else will be asked politely to return home. 


Apart from these, if you try to be physical with the flight attendants without their consent and your co-passengers or other flight attendants complain about it, you will have to feel the same consequence. 



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