9 Wardrobe Must Haves for Summer Fashion 2017

With every changing season comes a new fashion era and could you really have an option not to have some of the latest clothing and fashion accessories? I guess not. But, a good and balanced wardrobe idea would be to dress up also according to the growing global temperatures and pollution. Not to worry, it's not hard to include some careful-of-surrounding-environment clothes and accessories in your attire and these pointers will help you with the same. Check out the 9 Wardrobe Must Haves for Summers Fashion 2017 – bring out the "intelligent" fashionista inside you!



1. Whites


Summers and whites always go along, there's no and never denying that! With the science behind white providing coolness in summers, white dresses, tops, and shirts are always a good idea to include in your wardrobe. Go for it – don't even think again!



2. Cotton Stole


You don't want to be fashion icon of the college one day and sick classmate the next. Don't let pollution get to you and ruin your summer. Do include cotton stoles in your attire to cover your face, whenever required. Plus, they are trendy fashion accessory!



3. Palazzo


Aha! The airy and stylish palazzos, a lucky trend for this summer, I must say! You may wear Kurtis as well as tops with it, multi-purpose and fun! What more, you can even experiment with spaghetti-stole/tank top-neckpiece combo over it for "edgy" personality.



4. Loafers


Avoid your feet becoming a victim of pollution. Be wary of the heels getting dry of summers. Say no-no to feet getting sun-tanned and looking ultimately ugly. What to do? Loafers could be just the thing! Fabric shoes and significant-feet-covering bellies could be good too!



5. Linens


Ooh, linens are SO in! And, they are marvelous for summers. Light, cool and comfortable linen Kurtis or shirts are must haves for this summer. Combine it with a Palazzo and some accessories and there you go with the "Outfit for the day". 



6. Florals


Flower prints: thought they were out of trend? *Sound of NO*

With the 70-80s fashion reviving, flower prints have become "essential" to be included in the wardrobe, '17. Floral tops, kimonos, accessories etc. could be some options, improvisations up to you!



7. Shades


In the scorching heat and not so tranquil summer sun, forgetting shades at home is a crime! You don't want your delicate eyes to burn and besides, shades are a style statement, so why not include maybe a couple or a couple more of them in your wardrobe? Shopping excuse – Yay!



8. Block Prints


Block Prints are back in fashion, ladies! It's time for a visit to Rajasthan! And even if you can't visit Rajasthan, you know your shopping arenas! Go pick some blocks in shirts, tops, Kurtis, skirts and even shorts and stylize for a trendsetter personality.



9. Jumpsuits


Cotton or light fabric jumpsuit for college could just be the ideal idea: comfortable and trendy. Combine with the above suggestions for a trendier look. Go for full or short jumpsuits in florals, block prints and whites, experiment with accessories and tell me who's the college diva!



Do you have these must haves for summers fashion 2017 in your wardrobe? Do put down your comments and let us know more ideas, I am sure you'd be more innovative! Hope you liked the read. Cheers!



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