Want to know the secrets of the Special ‘Ladies Compartment’? DelhiMetro


Call it feminism, call it preferential treatment, call it security, the female Delhi commuters enjoy the privileged Ladies Compartment in the Delhi Metro. Waking proudly towards the "Ladies" side of the metro platform with decreasing number of males every step, it is probably a thing of curiosity for the other sex, which is why we are listing out the things that you can see if you are lucky (or unlucky) everyday traveller of Delhi Metro. Here are 7 everyday scenarios in the Delhi Metro Ladies Compartment.



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1. Most Colorful


Where there are girls, there are colors. Well, that's not a universal fact but you know that this premise is not entirely false either. Ladies compartment is the most colorful one, where you see both, fashion fiestas wearing trendiest of clothes and colors, as well as fashion disasters wearing "Chatak" Reds and Pinks.






2. Peeping Eyes


If you are a female travelling in the Ladies Compartment, you are sure to have noticed the peeping, drooling eyes of the males, which is all the more drooly and hungry at night when some seats are vacant and poor guys have to resist the desire to simply go and sit.






3. Chitting Chatting


Didn't you just fuss and laughed on the obviousness of this! Yes, Ladies Compartment indeed is the noisiest of them all, thanks to the utter wish to talk and chit-chat infinity. The only difference, some are louder than the others and believe me, loudness is contagious.






4. Hungry for Seats


Lots of girls take on Delhi Metro with a different strategy, i.e. to board any general compartment and claim the seats reserved for ladies. In fact, this is such a common practice that girls looking out for seats with a pair of hungry eyes can be a site for males.






5. Extra Seat Jugaad


When in doubt, look for "Jugaad"! Yes, Ladies Compartment is blessed with the Jugaad of extra seating on the spacious floor at the driver's end, which can seat lots of girls who don't mind getting their jeans and lowers a bit dirty, brushing the dust off later and move on.






6. No Smell


One of the many advantages and definitely an important one for your nose, Ladies Compartment never smells! Thank the biological cycle of the "less-strong sex" or the ability to not produce smelly fumes, you can be free of the worries of any piercing smells, morning or evening.






7. Group Giggles


Often more than occasionally will you find a group of girls, probably dancers, actors and college gangs by the look of them, who would be giggling and stuff like its their place to chill! Could be irritating for someone, could just be a youthful spirit for others, you decide!





So boys, there you go, hope this answers a bit, if not a lot, the curiosity, and air about the Ladies Compartment. Do put down your comments with your experiences in or about the special place of the metro. Cheers!



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