US President Trump Labels Media, the Enemy of The American People!


President Trump has made vocal his war against the media, when he recently called the media, the enemy of the American people in one of his tweets recently. Apparently, reporting has become a crime in the eyes of Mr. President. He has been constantly haranguing against the major media reporters, and now he's given them a label! 





President Trump has constantly been castigating the press media and Friday saw unprecedented heights after he launched a couple of harsh tweets at leading news channels. On Thursday, Feb 18th he spent a good amount of time of his 77-minute press coverage, lashing out at the journalists gathered. Shortly after arriving at his Palm Beach home, Trump took to twitter to continue his tirade, where he wrote:




Although the tweet was quickly deleted, and words were replaced where Donald Trump posted a rewritten tweet and added 2 more news organizations to his list. The tweet said:





Several historians have pointed out that this is a behavior similar to that of President Richard M. Nixon who had in 1972 said to the then national security adviser, Henry A. Kissinger, that the press is the enemy! Mr. Carl Bernstein who played a vital part in unearthing the Watergate scandal said that Trump is moving towards an authoritarian stand that shows no inclination to understand the role of free press in the country. He went on to say that Trump's castigation of the press may spell graver danger than when Nixon called the press the enemy, but that there is a similarity in the two presidents, in trying to pit the public against the press and making the attitude of the press an issue rather than that of the president.



There was also a survey dished out, that asked the public to fight back against the attacks and deceptions of the media and it included questions that asked if the press had reported unfairly against the administration. 



Although this isn't the first time that Trump has lashed out against the press, it has reached unprecedented heights. He has been using populist terms where he has accused the press in D.C., LA, and NY to be supportive of the special interests and not to the general public.




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