US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns Over Russian links!


President Donald trump's National Security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned his position as the National Security Adviser due to his incomplete reporting of information regarding his communications with Russian officials. Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg has been named as the interim National Security Adviser by Trump.



Before Donald Trump was sworn in as the President of the USA on January 20, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is said to have held conversations with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyev. After intense scrutiny into his discussions with the ambassador, Flynn has confessed to having omitted reporting to Vice President Mike Pence regarding the talks about the U.S. sanctions against Russia, a few weeks before Mr. Trump was sworn in. Flynn had reportedly said that he hadn't discussed the U.S. sanctions against Russia with the Russian officials, which lead Pence to defend Flynn in subsequent TV interview sessions.



Michael Flynn later on, acknowledged that he might have conversed with the Russians regarding the sanctions, but wasn't 100 percent sure of it. To this, Vice President Mike Pence had expressed that he felt, he had been misled by Flynn, Flynn had later apologized to Mr. Pence twice, including once in person at the White House, last Friday. On the 13th of Feb. at 11 pm Washington D.C., turned in his resignation from his post of National Adviser. In his resignation, he thanked President Trump for his personal loyalty and all his friends at the office for the support they had lent for Trump's tough election campaign. 


Meanwhile, the acting attorney general Sally Yates of the Justice Department had warned the White House that Michael Flynn was susceptible to being blackmailed by the Russians before she was fired for speaking out against the executive Travel Ban order from President Trump. 


Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg has been appointed as the acting National Adviser to Trump and including him, David Petraeus and Robert Harward are being considered for the position. 


The spoken about here are those that were imposed by the then President Barack Obama after secret agencies of the United States had speculated that Moscow had been interfering in the US Presidential election campaigns. To add to it, it is illegal for private citizens of America to hold diplomatic discussions with other nations, the discussion with the Russian ambassador had taken place last year when Mr. Flynn hadn't yet been appointed to his position. 



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