15 Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2017


Life is incomplete without movies. In our stressful professional life, we wait for weekends to come so that we can go to a multiplex and watch some cool movies and get out stress completely out. Just like every year, Hollywood has hyped quite a few movies through their trailers and posters and if you are a movie buff, you just can't wait for them to hit the big screen. Here are the top 15 most anticipated upcoming Hollywood movies you need to watch out.



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1. Logan (3rd March)




Logan is set to hit the big screen this Friday and it is one of the most anticipated movies because it is going to be the last time we see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The movie is said to be the best Wolverine movie ever. 




2. Kong: Skull Island (10th March)




When it is a movie about a monster, you know that it lives up to its hype. This is the only monster movie this year and it is going to be a cracker with suspense and mysteries.




3. The Fate Of The Furious (14th April)




This is the 8th sequel of the Fast and Furious and there is not a single Fast and Furious movie that had not delivered in the past. This year, they are going to break all the recording with an unusual storyline. 




4. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (5th May)




After the success of the first movies, we just hope it lives up to the hype and expectation and creates an awesome franchise.




5. Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 (26th May)




It is one of those movies that fans eagerly wait for especially when it is Johnny Depp. 




6. Wonder Woman (2nd June)




If you have seen the promos, you must have fallen in love with the wonder woman. She is just badass mixed with sensual gestures. A must watch for sure.




7. The Mummy (9th June)




You have Tom Cruise in one hand and Russell Crowe in another. The trailer is quite impressive and Tom Cruise is ready to kill it. 




8. Transformers – The Last Knight (23rd June)




Transformers have a great fan base and you go out in a 3D screen hall and have the best time of your life watching the movie. Period.




9. Spiderman – Homecoming (7th July)




It is good to see Spiderman coming back. Even though it is based on an old story, they are modified it quite a lot and Iron-Man is the mentor of Spiderman. It is going to be too much fun.





10. War For The Planet Of Apes (14 July)




Movies of the planet of Apes have been a huge success and this sequel will be no exception. If you have watched and loved the previous ones, go for it without thinking twice.




11. Dunkirk (21st July)




Some people call Christopher Nolan as the God of Hollywood because his moves are the coolest things on the planet. He is coming back this year with a true story and it is going to be epic.




12. Geostorm (21st October)




It is one of the most anticipated movies of 2017 and it is a sci-fi thriller. It is going to be super cool to watch if it comes out in 3D.




13.  Thor – Ragnarok (3rd November)




It would be great to see Thor back individually and keep up his image as a God.




14. Justice League (17th November)




You had Avengers from Marvel Studios and now, we will have Justice League from DC comics. I just can not wait for this one.




15. Star Wars – The Last Jedi (15th December)




Hopefully, we will end the year well with a blockbuster from Star Wars series. But you never know when it is Star Wars.


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