11 Unusual Intelligence Shown by Animals are Spectacular


The animal kingdom is a gigantic ecosystem where not only power and strength count but so does having a good amount of brains. Several studies and researches have proved that animals aren't all that dumb compared to humans. Although they aren't as advanced as humans, they do show some unique abilities and tactics that we never thought they could. Be it to attract a female, escape from a predator or showing plain empathy. Check out this collection of intelligence showing animals.





1. Puffer fish's sand art



The pufferfish is known to have a slick defense mechanism, where it bloats up to scare off predators. But that's not all. The Japanese Pufferfish create amazing circular patterns underwater, in the sand and do it so that females are lured into mating with them.



2. Bottlenose Dolphin whose intelligence is next to humans



Bottlenose dolphins are so intelligent that they can comprehend a lot of words, commands, attack in groups, have teenage reckless behavioral traits and more. They even show problem-solving and tool-usage abilities. Watch to know more about the extent of intelligence shown by these animals.



3. African Grey Parrots' near human consciousness 



One of the medium sized parrots, the African gray, are one of the most intelligent parrots ever. They can learn up to 2000 words and not only mimic humans but hold conversations to the order of a 3-year-old child. They can even solve puzzles and identify shapes.



4. Goats' dead act



The myotonic goats from the UK are clever as they are cute. They make their bodies rigid, frozen and completely motionless for about 10 seconds when confronted by a predator or when they panic, giving the impression that the animal is dead.



5. Elephants' mourning of the dead



This one is more human-like nature than intelligence. Elephants are gentle animals for the most part and they extend this gentleness and compassion to their fellow group members too when they mourn the death of a fellow elephant and even bury them and visit the gravesite frequently.



6. The pistol shrimps' supersonic snap



Dubbed a the loudest animal in the sea, the pistol shrimp lives up to its name when it snaps its claw at supersonic speed. The result is a sonic boom, a shockwave that hits the prey hard and in turn, stuns it. Also, the temperature of the claws after the snap reaches alarming heights, even as hot as the sun's surface!



7. Bowerbirds' nest decoration



Bowerbirds are fierce romantics. The males create an intricate structure os a nest, decorate it with shiny (in terms of birds) objects and then proceed to destroy other males' nests!



8. Crows' avian IQ level



The crow is considered to be the most intelligent of all the bird with the highest avian IQ level. They are known to be the best problem solvers, finding ingenious ways to crack daily problems like bringing the water level up, cracking open nut shells using cars, copying its predators to turn on them and so on.



9. Chimps' way of fighting/killing like humans



Chimpanzees not only fight but kill like humans, by planning, carrying out raids in groups and capturing territories like humans



10. Birds' own GPS system



Although much about birds' navigational system remains a mystery, it has been discovered that they use built-in ferromagnets and "landmarks" on the ground while making long trips such as 25,000 miles.



11. Crocodiles' stone ballasts



Crocodiles are known to swallow chunks of rocks. These rocks stay permanently in their stomachs and act as ballasts while diving and also help the crocodiles to break big chunks of prey into smaller ones.



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