Umm..10 Unique Drinks You Must Try Atleast Once In Mumbai


For when you are tired of the same old drinks and want to treat your tastebuds to something new.


1. Tiramisu Flavored Cookie Dough Shots, 145



Instagram:@foodloversmumbai / Via


What an interesting drink. The child in me is supremely happy to see this. Imagine drinking the tiramisu flavored shot and then eating the cookie dough glasses after that. Yum is the word.



2. Beer Popsicle, The White Owl



Instagram:@drinkmumbai / Via


This is not a drink, you may say, this is a popsicle. It’s Frozen Beer man, it is a drink. Wait till you start sucking it and it melts in the glass. Happiness is when they make a popsicle out of your favorite alcohol.



3. Mopitik, Hoppipola



Instagram:@cocktailsofmumbai / Via


This looks like a drink that your mother would approve of, it has Karelas on top of it for god’s sake. Weird combination or sheer creative genius? Try and find out.



4. Mumbai Matinee, Masala Bar



Instagram:@drinkmumbai / Via


This trendy looking drink is a concoction of Gin, Orange oil, Grapefruit and wait for it Sattu, yes Sattu. Sounds as unique as that glass is.



5. The Terrific Tea, AsadoThe Cocktail Street




Instagram:@latenightmumbai / Via


Calling all Tea lovers out there. This tea is terrific as it has freshly brewed Black Tea blended with Tequila and Fresh Orange. A crazy and innovative idea, this one’s a must try!



6. Fixed The Bulb, Cafe Cubano




Instagram:@drinkmumbai / Via


A drink served in a Bulb, say Whaaaat? This cocktail is a mix of Dark Rum and Orange Juice. It would be so fun to drink that, Chers!



7. The Cosmo Explosion, Todi Mill Social




Instagram:@latenightmumbai / Via


Social is known for its unique ideas and this pretty pink drink creates an explosion of taste in your mouth. Vodka and Cranberry Juice with some added Candy Floss sounds exciting enough to try!



8. Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows, Leaping Windows




Instagram:@drinkmumbai / Via


On a rainy evening when you just want comfort and peace, treat yourself to this amazing Hot Chocolate from Leaping Windows. What makes it unique is the layer of Marshmallows covering it, not one not two but an entire layer of fluffy Marshmallows.



9. The Rise Of The Missionaries, Anncensored Cafe



Instagram:@latenightmumbai / Via


This quirky cocktail at Anncensored Cafe sure is an Instagram worthy drink. A mixture of Jagermeister, Gold Rum and Pineapple juice it’s sure to give you a tropical feeling.



10. Five Berry Juice, Hari Om Milkshakes




Instagram:@drinkmumbai / Via


This rich juice is a mixture of five kinds of berries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, Mulberries and Blueberries. This exotic drink is available in a tiny shack that may be hard to find, but the experience will surely be worth it.


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