Trump’s travel ban suspended & his plea to restore it Rejected!


President Donald Trump's ban on immigration from 7 Muslim countries was overturned by Seattle judge James Robart, and to which the White House office had appealed at a US federal appeals court, reinstate the ban, The Federal court had rejected the request and has given the 2 parties a deadline till Monday to provide sufficient arguments. 



The Department of Justice had argued that Justice Robart had made second guesses on a matter that concerns the national security, and also emphasized that only the president has the power to decide who stays and who doesn't in the country. The advocates representing the states of Washington & Minnesota argued that the ban targetted the Muslim community in particular and that was unconstitutional. Also, those people with valid documents had been detained for questioning and sometimes also sent back, for no apparent reason other than the ban, which also doesn't adhere to the US constitution.


The blocked nations, Iran & Iraq have praised the ruling calling it a move in the right direction, while Iran has also revoked its ban on US competitors in the Wrestling World Cup it is scheduled to host later on from February 16th.


However, the President has bashed the ruling by calling it "ridiculous" and justice James Robart, who has been a part of the federal bench since 2004, a "so-called judge". He said that this ruling could lead to "big trouble" and tweeted that people with bad intentions can now enter the US with ease. Critics retaliated by saying that severe vetting procedures were already in place and that the ban was completely unnecessary. This also caused a deluge of bookings from US visa holders, hailing from the affected nations, fearing that might have a slim window here to make it back to the USA.


President Trump had banned people from 7 Muslim-majority nations of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Somalia from entering the USA for 90 days and an indefinite ban on travelers from Syria. In addition to this, an indefinite ban was placed upon Syrian refugees from entering the US. As of now, due to the suspension, The Homeland security officials have been instructed to allow travelers from the banned nations, and immediately & have complied with the judge's ruling.


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