Trump’s Psychological Report readied by Russia for Putin & it’s Not Looking Good


A report is being made on the psychological makeup of the president of the USA, Donald Trump, to be perused by Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia before his meeting with Trump. This report is being compiled by a team of retired and working staff of the Russian administration, to better prepare & plan for the unscheduled first Putin-Trump meeting.





Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Andrei Fedorov told that a lot of work and preparation is going on before the first meet can take place, which includes a comprehensive psychological dossier of Trump, based on the past 2 to 3 months that he has been the president for. he also added that he knew Mr. Trump from the year 2000, long before he had any interests in politics.



As usual, the president, or any leader for that matter, would be briefed before entering any sort of negotiatory meetings with another leader. In this case, preparing a detailed dossier on the US president is surely unusual. The Russians are worried that the US president might not have the political power to improve ties with Russia, as promised by the President himself when he said that he would lift certain US sanctions.



The US Intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia briefly hacked into the US presidential election process to help Trump secure the president's chair. Moreover, the agencies have said with confidence that Putin himself has been personally involved in the elections. With the resignation of Mike Flynn from the post of national security adviser last week, it gives all the more reason to contemplate the depth of connection that the White House now has with the Kremlin.



During his election campaigns, Donald Trump had spoken of bettering relations with Russia and spoke fondly of Vladimir Putin, but in a recent interview with Fox News, he said that he respects Putin but that shouldn't be considered as him getting along with the Russian President. This, along with Trump's spat with the media have been causes for concern in the Kremlin.



According to former Kremlin lawmaker Sergei Markov, the US intelligence is against Trump as he had expressed his desire to improve ties with Russia, and Michael Flynn was a casualty of this.



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