Trump Fires Acting Attorney general for Defying His Orders!


In what seems to be another rash move, President Trump pink-slipped his Ms. Sally QuillianYates on Monday night, removing her from the position of USA's acting attorney general when she rebelliously refused to defend his order of closing the nation’s borders to refugees and folks from preponderantly Muslim countries. While the Democrats praised Ms. Yates move & the protests against religious-based maltreatment!




Just 10-days into the office and Mr. Trump has fired a high ranked official, the attorney general appointed during the Obama administration. Ms. Sally Q. Yates was appointed as the Deputy attorney general under Barack Obama. She has now been dismissed based on the fact that she has openly defied the President's administration. She had said that the lawyers from the Justice Dept. would not be defending Trump's executive orders against any legal challenges.



Ms. Yates was immediately replaced by Dana J. Boente who was the Eastern District of Virginia attorney until Senator Jess Sessions is confirmed for the position. He announced that his move as the acting Attorney General would be to revoke Ms. Yates order, of the Justice Dept. not fighting for Mr. Trump's executive orders. This brings to memory when President Richard M. Nixon had fired his attorney general & the deputy attorney general in the Watergate case of 1973.





Mr. Boente was sworn in as the attorney general at 9 pm while Ms. yates was removed at 9.15 pm. She received a hand-delivered letter that bore the signature of John DeStefano, an aid at the White House that said that the president had relieved her from the office of Deputy Attorney General of the USA.


Ms. Yates was taken by surprise after seeing the extreme measures that the executive orders bore, and even contemplated resigning from the position, but refrained at the last moment. She is said to have confided with her colleagues that she didn't want her successor to face the same dilemma as her. After she decided to stand against the President's executive orders and made an announcement that the orders weren't consistent with the law, the White house officials decided that her disobedience cannot be tolerated and that she has to go. 



Meanwhile, the Democrats have backed Yates's decision as a defender of what she felt was right, as the attorney general should pledge loyalty to the law and not the White House.


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