Trump Attacks Nordstrom on Twitter After they Stop Selling his Daughter’s Goods!

Nordstrom Inc., the company that bought Ivanka trump's clothing & accessories line, has decided not to buy her products this year. This has irked President Trump and he showed it through his microblogging account on Twitter. He has called the dropping off of Ivanka's merchandise as "unfair treatment" understandably, a father's words, or is it the President in him speaking?




Nordtsrom Inc. released a statement last week that included their decision to drop Ivanka's brand of clothing, and they have blamed its lukewarm performance in the market for its exclusion. They have also specified that the cuts happen regularly and is purely based on the brands' performances. Shortly after the announcement made by Nordstrom Inc, another luxury retailer, Neiman Marcus Group has reportedly stopped selling Ivanka's jewelry on its website as well as a retail outlet in New Jersey.





An activist group, which is anti-Trump & goes by the name 'Grab your wallet' had called for and organized boycott-campaigns asking the retail giant to stop transactions with the President and his family, following the discovery of a video in which Donald Trump has bragged about groping women during a show's recording and had also said "grab them by the pus*y". Grab your wallet had asked Nordstrom to cease all business with the first family & Ivanka as she had continued to show support to her father, even after the release of the video.




Responding to this incident, President Trump's fatherly instincts kicked in and he showed his unhappiness on Twitter. He had tweeted that his daughter has been treated unfairly & what has ensued is a terrible incident. He also said that she is a great person who always pushes Mr. Trump to do that right thing!



Shortly after the tweet, Nordstrom's shares dropped by 0.7 percent but the retailer finished on a 0.2 percent high. 



Ivanka Trump ran a clothing and accessories brand in her name, along with several other tasks for her father's presidential campaigns, but had announced that she would relinquish those positions once Donald Trump was sworn in as the President of USA. According to reports, Ivanka Trump as of now has officially resigned from her leadership role but maintains ties with the brand.



Nordstrom hasn't yet commented regarding the tweet from President Trump nor the cessation of Ivanka's accessories from the luxury jewelry outlet. While President Trump has taken a swing at several other companies since his election, this is the first instance where he has accused a company tied to his family, of injustice.




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