Trendy Myths People Believe That are Completely Wrong!

There are a lot of myths we believe in our lives in spite of we being educated and having scientific approaches. These myths have been handed down to us from our parents and grandparents. For example, Mayonnaise is believed to be a cholesterol bomb and asked to eat the least amount possible. In fact, most people do not take it in the fear of weight gain. But in reality, the cholesterol you get from the eggs is same as in an egg.

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Late Coffee –

There is a saying that you should not drink coffee late at night because it can take off your sleep for the night. The effect of caffeine present in a cup of coffee vary from person to person. If a person is in the habit of drinking multiple cups of coffee every day, late coffee will not affect his night sleep.

Carbon Dioxide Based Drinks –

There is a wide belief that carbon dioxide based drinks are responsible for gastritis and various such gastrointestinal diseases. In fact, they are believed to be destroying our bones. However, studies have shown that they do not affect healthy digestive tract and in contrary, it relieves from constipation. But over-consumption of such drinks can cause problems as the sugar level rises.

Regular Detoxing –

There are a lot of people who take detox products regularly. However, the scientists have performed experiments with the detox products available in the market and found out that they do not really do any detox activity in the body. Moreover, regular detox can be harmful for the digestive system. You should opt for homemade detox products weekly.

Exotic Salts –

It is generally said that you should avoid table salt of the seas and replace that with black, Himalayan and other salts. However, if you are not eating them in the raw state, the effect to the body will be negligible in both cases.

Heating Honey –

Heating honey produces Hydroxymethylfurfural but it is the case with heating any sweet product. Therefore, it is not as harmful as many believe that heating honey and eating that can be harmful to the body. However, if you consume too much heated honey that can be harmful because the blood sugar level can increase.

Chicken Skin –

There is a belief that the chicken skin is a harmful component and it should be excluded while cooking or processing the meat. But chicken skin contains useful unsaturated fatty acid and this acid can reduce the bad cholesterol level and enhance good cholesterol level in the body.

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