13 Things You Should Know To Pose For A Photo Perfectly!

In this digital world, people are obsessed with uploading photos on social media to show off to the known and unknown friends. Do you know that trillions of photos taken annually and the number is increasing exponentially with high-quality built-in cameras in smartphones? If you get a nice photo, you get likes and attention, if you get a bad photo, you are doomed. There are also many creative ways to take a selfie which would be appreciated on social media platform. 

Since photos have become an integral part of our social life, it is important to know how to pose for the camera to click a perfect photo that attracts attention. To enhance your pose, here are 13 tips that will add a charm to your photo.




1. Press Your Tongue



This technique may sound strange, but it will prevent your chin from doubling and make your neck slender. Just, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.


2. Angle Your Head



You just need to tilt your head upwards. Your face will reflect more light, and it will result in a perfect picture. Unless you have to take a head to camera picture, tilt your head upwards.


3. Twisting And Positioning Of Arms



To get a professional photo, what you need to do is keep your arms perpendicular to the camera's sight and twist your upper body 45 degrees towards your right. Next, you have to keep your elbow on your waist and keep them at a right angle and see the magic.


4. Cross Your Legs



If you are shooting a street picture. The best pose will be crossing your legs. This will make your body look slimmer and give a natural smartness to your picture.


5. Be Away From The Group



If you are taking a group photo, what will you want? Yes, to look the best and different from the others. The best way to do this is to be in a different pose than the others. This will make you the center of attention.


6. Give A Smile



A picture is never charming without a natural smile. What you have to do is give a natural smile. Don't ever try to give a fake smile or it will result in you looking the worst. For this, just learn to give a natural smile.


7. Try Close Up



Close up pics ( pics including mostly the upper body) are better than far captured pictures. So, always try to understand the proportion and take close up pictures.


8. Be More Casual



Being casual is the key to get a playful picture. It looks better to look casual and happy rather than being professional and serious. So, loose up yourself and take a casual photo.


9. Adjust Your Hair



We think that hair is a part of the body we can't control but actually, it is the first spot where a viewer will look at. So, try to keep your hair in better condition or it will ruin your picture.


10. Lift Your Arm



Never keep your arm straight, it makes you look too serious. Lift your arm a little or put it on your waist at ninety-degree angle. It also shows some space between your upper body and arm and makes you look thinner.


11. Pose To Look Thinner



Everyone wants to look thinner. To look thinner in pictures, pose in such a way that the camera can see the space between your upper body and arms. You can also twist your body to look thinner.


12. Never Show Whites



It makes you look a little foolish if you show most of your whites of your eyes in your picture. Try to pose in such a way that you show most of the black parts.


13. Watch Out Your Nose



Never let your nose destroy the picture. Never pose in a way that your nose exceeds your face area. It destroys the natural curve of the face.

Start incorporating these things the next time you pose and with time, you will be posing perfectly like a celebrity!



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