Things that your Mother Sacrificed to Make you Who you are


A mother is the only creature in the world that doesn't leave your side, no matter how bad the situation looks like. She only gives and asks nothing but your happiness in return. Several books like The Mothers: A Novel, The Adventures of Mighty Mom, Dear Mom and several other movies such as Mother, Ricki and the Flash have been made just to highlight the virtues of a mother. On Mother's Day let us travel back in time and look at all that she has given to us, and take time out to thank her for it. 



1. She carried you, inside her and everywhere she went



It wasn't easy carrying a 4000 gms baby inside your tummy for 9 whole months, EVERYWHERE you go. You wouldn't be able to eat your favorite foods nor would you be able to do anything comfortably. The last few days are the most troublesome with the baby full grown. Even after birth until the kid grows up it is your mother who protected you with her love and affection.



2. She seldom slept 



Did you know that mothers of infants between 6 and 12 months sleep no more than for 5.5 hours? That is how attentive she was to your cries during the night when you were a baby and when you were growing up. And yet, she never said no.



3. She taught you everything you know



Home is where you begin your learning and your mother is and will always be your first teacher. She taught everything you know now, right from the way you walk to your first alphabet. She told you stories to put you to sleep and values to become the best person possible.



4. She put you first, every single time



Be it any decision she made in her life after you were born, you came to her mind first. She always put your comforts before her's. Mothers continue to do that until their last day.



5. She never got tired of your antics



Remember the time when you played tricks on the neighbors or was a noisy kid throughout your childhood, it was because your mother you learned to be better than that. She never abandoned you or reprimand you, but sat you and advised you in a way you would best understand.



6. She made you feel secure 



Remember the time when you felt scared that the monster under your bed would eat you and ran to sleep next to your mom? I don't think she ever let you sleep alone when you felt scared, she sacrificed her "happy time" to make you feel safe, however stupid the reason was.



7. She is the one who brought you joy



A mother knows what makes her kids happy. It was your mother who brought you the gifts and everything that you ever asked for, without ever saying no (not always a yes, but she did make sure that you got what made you happy over her needs and wants)



8. She kept you company, no matter when you asked for it 



Be it an over the top cartoon show that you were watching for the 1450th time or your first swimming classes, she is the one who always kept you company and never let you feel alone. 



9. She gave you all her time



Never did your mother tell she didn't have the time to go with you, well, anywhere you asked her, did she? She often left what she wanted and came with you to keep you happy. 



10. She always took your side 



Whenever there was a quarrel, be it inside the family or with the outside world, and however wrong you are you mother never left your side. She always stood by you and defended you against no matter what, and then went on to give you the advice you needed, didn't she?



11. She never took a day off from motherhood



Despite knowing that all these sacrifices would have to be made and that it is depriving her of her joys, you mother still does it, without complaining and do it all over again if it has to be and manages to derive happiness out of it. That is where the true greatness of mothers lie. 



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