8 Things That you can only Experience in Italy

Italy- this is the European Country which needs no introduction to the travelers around the world. Whether talking about the awesome natural view or the age-old culture and tradition, Italy will always be one of the most favorite tourist destinations for the travelers.  If you want to make your vacation luxurious, you can stay in the Italian mansions. This is the country where old merges well with new and creates a beautiful harmony of life. Besides that, the sandy beaches and the beautiful ocean can blow your mind.

While visiting Italy, you should also take a trip to Sicily to make your vacation more happening. While the natural beauty and the heritage of the country create the best impression upon you, staying over there will also be the most exotic experience as you will get the best and authentic Italian cuisine with continental dishes. It is difficult to cover all places to visit when you are in Italy or mention everything you can do in Italy, but there are certain things you should never miss when you are here.

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1.Have a Hiking Experience at Cinque Terre

If you want a bit adrenaline rush along with experiencing the mind-blowing Italian villages with a great touch of local traditions and stretched landscape, you shouldn’t avoid this hiking experience. The 12-kilometer stretch path, SeniorAzzurro that stretches from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, requires enough strength, good boots and zeal to trek the entire path. Else, you can also move by train. You can also choose the shortcut through Viadell’Amore.

2. Go to the Valley an of Temples

Are you also going to Sicily? If yes, then this is the must-visited place which is located in Agrigento. You will find the 5th Century-built archeological complex where you can visit almost intact Doric temples which are the epitome of architecture and history of that time. If you are fond of historical ruins and always feel thrilled at seeing the remnants of glorious eras, you will like this place surely.

3.Gondola Ride at Venice

You are in Italy and not experiencing this will be a huge mistake. Often Italy is projected to the rest of the world only because she has Venice where you can take a gondola ride. It may have become cliché, but once you are here, you can’t avoid the charm of it. Take a ride throughout the town and have some lifetime memories. Your gondolier is ready to serve you in a straw hat and striped shirt. You definitely want to take snaps while exploring the city in a gondola. But, if you put away your camera and mobile phone and capture the memories through the lenses of eyes that will be an unforgettable memory.

4.Trek at Climb Vesuvius

The live Vesuvius which is famous for the eruption many times a year is worth to visit while you are in Italy. Presently, Vesuvius is safe enough to trek and it will look like a crater that is almost similar to the moon. The views from the top of the mountain are breathtaking. Want to take a journey to the ‘mysterious island’? You should visit the Mount Vesuvius.

5. Take a Bicycle Ride Tour at Tuscan Hill

You can take a car, but what you can enjoy through bicycle is unmatched to the car. The countryside at Tuscan Hill can be enjoyed the best at leisure while the beautiful countryside soothes your eyes and senses and the medieval towns on the hilltops will offer you the great picturesque view. There are tour operators who guide and provide independent bicycle tours depending on the endurance level and experience of cycling. They also offer lodging, luggage transfers, dining and also arrange visits at local attractions.

6. Take a Visit to Lake Como

If you are in Lombardy, have a trip to Lake Como. You can take a boat trip to visit the surrounding. The houses around the Lake Como are the villas, owned by the richest celebrities around the world. So, you can expect the views you will never see again. Besides this, the landscape around Lake Como will also mesmerize you. The traditional villages and the alpine forest create a picture-perfect view for the tourists.

7. Don’t Forget Juliet’s Balcony

You are all aware of the famous character of Juliet from Shakespeare’s drama, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. While you are in Italy, visit Verona as it is known as Juliet’s Balcony. No matter how imaginative characters they are, the balcony was built for tourist attraction and today couples flock here to show their love for each other under the famous building. Make your honeymoon trip unique by visiting this place.

8. Take a Visit of Uffizi Gallery

If you are heading towards Florence, you must spend a day at Uffizi Gallery which is regarded as one of the most famous galleries around the world. It is full of the golden works of Italian legends, like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Caravaggio. For the art lovers, this place is heaven.

These are only a few places you can visit in Italy. The country is so beautiful and it has so many things to see and do that it is really difficult to cover at one trip. Apart from all these places, there is also classic Rome which is itself the epitome of historical monuments. So, take time, relax and make your own story of Italy.

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