These Were The First Employees Of Top Renowned Companies


There was a time when Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, or any other well-established company, was still a budding start-up. They had some employees who had nothing but the improvement of the organization in mind. Some have jumped ship, and others who have stayed on hit it big when their organization reached the giant status! To get a better idea of what exactly unfolds if you just hang on, held on to your position, you just need to watch The Wolf of Wall Street! Let's go a bit deeper and find out who these 1st employees were.



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1. Google




Craig was the first ever employee before the search engine turned out to be a behemoth. Technically Craig is the 3rd employee after of course the 2 founders of the search engine themselves. He was a Ph.D. student along with Page & Brin at Stanford and has been the silent brains behind the rise of Google. He left Google for a position as a developer for Khan Academy in 2012.





2. Amazon




Shel was the first employee of retail giant Amazon and has been called the most important person ever for the growth of Amazon. He was also part of the brainstorming sessions and partly the brains behind the inception of Amazon. He stayed there from 1994 to 1999. 





3. Facebook




Taner was the first official employees outside of the founders. He joined FB in 2004, only to resign in 2009. When the left the social network company he was the senior software & operations engineer. He is now a lecturer at University of University of California San Diego.





4. Microsoft




Marc was the very first salaried employee at Microsoft, back when it was still called a new company. Marc has been responsible for several developments at Microsoft like MIDAS OS, a new 8-bitFile allocation system for Microsoft's Disc BASIC-80 etc. He then left the company in 1984 to work for 2 other companies and jumped right back in 2000.





5. Apple




Mike joined Jobs's Apple right after Wozniak. He was the one in-charge of chalking ou the business plans of Apple. Not many know that he also invested $250,000 in kicking things off for Apple, in exchange for 30% of the company's share. He left Apple in 1997.





6. Yahoo!




Tim was close friends with Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang. He joined Yahoo! in the year 1995 and drew up the initial business plans for the company.  He was the CPO of Yahoo when he left in the year 2003. Now he has founded an education company named Imagine K12.









Skoll was hired to be the president of eBay, imagine that! He was also instrumental in drawing up the business plans of the website back then and remained president until handing over the reigns to Meg Whitman in 1998. He went on to found another film company Participant Media based in Los Angeles.





8. Nike




Phil Knight, the founder of Nike and Jeff JOhnsonmet at Stanford where he offered Jeff to be the first full-time employee of Blue ribbon Sports (later named to Nike in 1971). Johnson is also credited with renaming Blue Ribbon to Nike, the name we all say with a sense of awe! Apparently, it is the name of the Greek Goddess of victory. He retired from Nike at the age of 41.



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9. Snapchat




Both David & Daniel when to Stanford University along with the founders, Evan and Bobby. They were software engineers at Raunk, a startup company that they had established together, their investor Lightspeed invested in Snapchat and so they moved to Snapchat. Now they work as software engineers for the picture sharing app.





10. Instagram




Josh was a student at Reed college, the first employee of Instagram, back when it was called Burbn. He was given the position of Community Manager at Burbn and was with Instagram until very recently leaving the company. 





11. Uber




Ryan reportedly responded to a tweet fro one of the founders of Uber. He was an intern at Foursquare, which then refused to make him a permanent employee. Thanks to his stakes in the company, he is amongst the youngest billionaires on the planet.



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