These 22 Instances Proved How Demonitization is Building a Better India


PM Modi’s announcement creates havoc in the nation regarding the validity issue of the demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000. This denomination will completely perish from the market. I must say its sarcasm where people having money are crying and people without money are giggling.  

A hot wave of discussion is prevailing in the social media creating a loud Buzz. Let's hunt through, how King Hit of MODI against corruption affects the normal go on of life.


1. Naxals and Maoists have gone into the state of Hibernation. As no violence has been reported in past few days in Jammu and Kashmir





2. Corrupts burning cash for the fear of being caught





3. Electricity companies making huge money from recovering the past arrears





4. Betel shop installing debit card machines to receive cash





5. Medicine shops are outshining with profits in past few days





6. Mobile wallets are now very popular and gaining huge opportunities





7. A long queue in front of ATM just to withdraw money to survive





8. Labors are paid wages to stand in queue in front of banks or ATMS





9. All the dealings related to property involving black money has been jeopardized





10. Rackets dealing with fake money circulation are in menace





11. Rs. 2000 denomination will cut the currency printing cost for government





12. As of now, the gold purchase has been hampered. However, in long-term aspects, there might be rise in purchase of gold to hide black money





13. Banks flooded with funds. Rs. 3 lakhs crore has been banked in last 5 days





14. Businessmen  are recovering past dues and getting new orders for their business





15. Smart card sales have been hiked in Delhi metros





16. Property prices slashed by 25 %





17. Income Tax raids more than 200 crores in past few days





18. Betting industry has been affected very badly





19. Municipalities are recovering house tax in huge.





20. Political Parties in UP / Punjab Spending Cash on Campaigns got HIT





21. Drug Mafias in Punjab got bad hit.





22. Last but not the least, people realized that  there can be a selfless politician. Hence, public are ready to bear short term pain for long term gain





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