The Ultimate Vacation Checklist! 10 Items you should Never Miss


It sucks when you forget something important while going on a holiday, doesn't it? Yes, you can buy a new one and alternatives, but it's always great to carry everything that you are going to need as you don't want to worry about the usual things, you are on a holiday! Here is the vacation checklist of quick Last-Minute checkers, so that you have everything you need and have a hassle free break time!


1. Phone


Oh your love of life, you just can't leave it at home! Tickets, e-wallets, location searches, maps, et cetera, et cetera, your Phone comes to your rescue for loads and loads of things and I don't really need to tell you about them. Make sure to keep it in your bag, without fail.







2. Charger


Goes without saying, your phone's survival point, the charger is as important as the phone itself. Yes, you can get it anywhere but you don't want to spend on something like that from your holiday budget, right? Better keep one beforehand!







3. Wallet


Money- the most crucial thing in the vacation checklist. Do I need to say anymore? Skipping how money is absolutely important for your trip, take care of the kind of money you are carrying. Make sure to keep the cash as well as your cards. Only depending on the card is not a good idea. Always carry some cash.







4. ID Cards


This is one common thing that people forget, thinking it would be in the bag, only to find out later that you were carrying the wrong bag. Take care of the ID cards that you need to keep. For international holidays, forgetting passport won't be forgiving and for a domestic one, Driving License works everywhere.







5. Tickets


Carry all of your tickets, i.e. Trains, Flights, Buses, Hotels and Vouchers for local traveling, whatsoever that you have bought. You don't want to leave something at home and buy the same ticket again later. If you have e-tickets for all, great, but re-remember things no. 1 and 2.







6. Earphones


Forgetting earphones is a crime. You can't live without your earphones for a day and miss it enormously traveling between home and job in metro or bus. Imagine the pain of missing music throughout the holidays. Keep it now!







7. Tampons


Haha. Yeah, not funny, of course, it's for females only. Girls, ALWAYS keep tampons or sanitary pads with you, especially when you are going for a holiday. Remove an extra pair of lingerie if you have space issues. Hormones are moody, you never know!







8. Medicines


Don't forget your medicines. Don't leave them intentionally to get away from them either. You don't want to get sick or feel uneasy in your holiday time. Besides, you should always carry basic first aid box containing band-aid, painkillers, and medicines for a headache and acidity. Keep sanitizer too.







9. Shades


Hmm, forgot this one, eh? Rush rush, keep it now. You want to wear your cool shades on your trip that you had been resisting to wear in your everyday life. Also, you want that sexy "shady" picture too! Sunglasses, check.







10. Khaana (If you are an Indian)


Food is a way of life. Food is life. Even if you are not an Indian, don't forget to keep some snacks for your journey, they always come in handy. If you are an Indian, you probably must have kept food first. Haha! 







With this, you are all set to go! Other minor things can be ignored, though please put down your suggestions on what else is absolutely needed. Have a great trip! Cheers!

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