The Robots Taking Human Jobs Should be Taxed – Bill Gates


Bill Gates believes that the companies that use robots & automation in place of human workers should be taxed. This is to ensure that the spread of automation can be curtailed and further, the money can be used to support jobs like taking care of the elderly and the children, for which 'humans are more suited'.






The co-founder of Microsoft, one of the leading software companies that are all for artificial intelligence, has shown his support for human workers and has insisted that a tax has to be levied upon companies that are substituting robots for humans and that this money can be used to finance jobs like taking care of the elderly or the kids at school among others. He argues that the government should oversee plans like these rather than other businesses to redirect jobs for poorer people. A similar kind of proposal was mad in the European Union where robot owners would have to be taxed and pay for the training of workers who were replaced by the robots. Eventually, the proposal got scrapped.



Gates says that governments should be willing to raise taxes and also try to slow down the pace at which automation is flourishing, as replacements for human workers are arriving simultaneously in a wide array of businesses, and that this displacement has to be handled effectively. He cites that in about 20 years, driving jobs & jobs at warehouses will be taken over by robots.



He reckons that there is an immense shortage of manpower at jobs that require unique human qualities, such as empathy and understanding, like taking care of the elderly or kids with special needs. People who would be replaced by automation can be put to work here, but the financial basis to support such workers has to come from the taxes levied upon the automated businesses. 



He says that people should be more enthusiastic about the changes that innovation can bring about rather than being in the fear of losing things to it. And reckons that taxation is one way to curbing that fear amongst people, and letting them believe that innovation can effect positive change.




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