The Price Tags Of The Most Expensive Watch In The World Will Drive You Crazy!


Watches are one of the most beautiful accessories that can define your personality. All men and women have an inclination towards special types of watches and the more expensive watch you wear, the better your personality becomes in the mind of the other persons. Here is the list of top ten most expensive watch in the world that you can afford to buy only if you are a billionaire. 


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1. Graff Diamonds – Hallucination




It is the most expensive watch in the world and it is full of diamonds on the platinum bracelet. The diamonds are rare and highly valuable. Well, it is a lady's watch.


Price: $55 Million




2. Graff Diamonds – Fascination




After hallucination, it is time for fascination. It is another lady's watch and it is truly gorgeous. The diamonds have flawless pear shapes and the uniform look and feel of the watch cum jewelry is truly beyond words.


Price: $40 Million




3. Breguet Grande Complication 




It is present in L. A. Museum and its highly complicated design is worth seeing. It is a case watch It took years to complete its construction. 


Price: $30 Million




4. Chopard 201-Carat Watch




It was sold in 2000 for $25 million. Well, not many people find it appealing because of its clumsy design but who is going to buy it to wear. If one stone falls off, you lose a million dollar.


Price: $25 Million




5. Patek Philippe – Henry Graves Pocket Watch




This watch was first sold at $10 million. It was the resold at $15 million. It was then up for sale and got a bid of $24 million dollars. It required 5 years to complete its design. It has so many functions. 


Price: $24 Million




6. Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch




Just like Graff Diamonds – Fascination, it is one of the most beautiful watches in the world. It is made up of emerald-cut diamonds and other jewels.


Price: $18.27 Million




7. Patek Philippe Ref 1518




Finally, we have a gent's watch. It was up for sale and the highest bid was around $11 million. It does not have any jewel but it got its value because there are only 4 such pieces in the world. 


Price: $11.14 Million




8.  Vacheron Constantin 57260




It is the most complicated watch ever to exist. It is said to have more than 2000 components and can do more than 60 functions. It took eight years to complete it.


Price: $8 Million




9. Hublot Big Band




It is solely made up of diamonds. There are nearly 1280 diamonds and it took over a year to complete it perfectly. The diamonds are collected from all over the Earth. 


Price: $5 Million




10. Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch




This watch has limited edition of 4 pieces only and is made up of a fragment of a Moon meteorite that fell on the Earth. Naturally, people are just crazy about it.


Price: $4.6 Million


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