The Most VIRAL Photos Of 2016 That Speak Thousand Words!!


2016 has been the year of social media because all the people who possess a smartphone spend the majority part of the year in the digital virtual world where social media platforms were the main course. So many photos went completely viral throughout the world and we handpicked nine viral photos of 2016 from them that speak more than what meets the eyes. 


1. Faith Vs Superstition – Who Will Win?




One of the most viral photos of 2016 where a 22-year-old mother is shaving her head to offer her hair to the feet of God so that her daughter could survive and live a normal. Her daughter is suffering from a rare disease and doctors said that she has only a limited number of months on Earth.  




2. The Ugly Face Of Terrorism




2016 was another year where the terrorists increased their terrible deeds compared to previous years. Internation news channels cover terrorist acts through the year around the world. Here is a 5-year-old boy who stood as a symbol of the ugly side of violence in Syria. 




3. Olympics Breaking The Barrier




The athletes of South and North Korea taking selfie went viral because South and North Korea are those countries who just cannot stand one another. 




4. Divided Staes Of America




This is one of the most talked about photo of 2016 where the popular TIME magazine forecast what could be the state of USA when Donald Trump starts his reign.The M on his head stands for a devil!!




5. The Harsh Reality




This is the most confusing photo of 2016 and people trolled the photo without realizing the harsh through in it. It is a photo of a baby with a rear disease for which he has a very small head.




6. Chile Domestic Violence




Chile was in the limelight in 2016 and this photo shows that state of the citizens. The policeman had to face the fury of a little girl who should be playing at her age rather than protesting.




7. Best Moment Of Olympics 2016




The best moment came when New Zealand athlete stopped her race in the midway when she found that a fellow contestant suffered a muscle cramp and needed assistance. Humanity rules above the competition.




8. The Super Bolt




This photo went viral because it just shows how fast Usain Bolt was that he had enough time to watch his competitors in the race before touching the finish lines. 




9. Breaking The Stereotype




A widow finally broke her barrier that prevented her from wearing colorful clothes after the death of her husband. Here she is lying on the ground during a Holi celebration and colors is bringing her back to life again. 



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