The Most Exotic Locations For Destination Wedding In India You Should Consider!


The wedding is once in a lifetime event in the lives of the most people unless you are Karan Singh Grover. Therefore, it becomes an immense task to make the event memorable by all means. The most basic thing you must do is to choose an amazing place to get married. Here are the top ten most amazing and exotic destination wedding in India for you to choose from.



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1. Goa




Nothing comes close to Goa which is the most amazing destination wedding in India. Do remember to do some photography shoots. It has amazing weather, beach, sunset, greenery, and what not. If you want your wedding to be the most cherishable memory till the last date, Goa is the place to be in. 




2. Udaipur




This is the place where most of the big fat India wedding takes place. It is full of palaces and castles for a wedding and it provides an amazing atmosphere for a sacred wedding.




3. Mussoorie




It is a hill station and of late, it has gained the height population as an awesome destination wedding. Beautiful trees, the Doon valley, the Himalayas at sunset, romantic weather, waterfalls all together make the place Heaven for a wedding.




4. Jaipur




Also known as the Pink City, it sees a lot of grand weddings all throughout the year. It is meant for royal weddings and the atmosphere and places available make it worthy a wedding place.




5. Andaman And Nicobar Islands




Andaman and Nicobar Islands are always considered to be unique and exotic. When you plan your wedding there, it is going to become a paradise. Beaches, forests, greenery, amazing hotels for couples are all you would need.




6. Hyderabad




It is called the city of Gems and being a metro city, it has amazing hotels and exquisite rooms for all the wedding nights. If you want to feel like you are at the top of the world, go for it.




7. Shimla 



This is an extraordinary place for the wedding. Not all the hill stations qualify as good wedding destinations and among the few that do, Shimla stands out. 




8.  Agra




Well, some may call this a cliched places for a wedding but amazing photoshoot and an evening wedding will make the memories last forever. The wedding is a city that has the epitome of love is priceless.




9. Lavana 




If you cannot go to Italy for your wedding, you can definitely use Lavana in Pune as an alternative. It is a planned town that is an exact model of Italy's town. Waterfalls, hills, lakes, windy roads, and your wedding. 




10. Rishikesh or Varanasi



Well, there are those who think a wedding has to be according to proper rituals and yet make it memorable. Varanasi is best for them because of the presence of Ganga River which will be the witness of the wedding.


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