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The List Of 30 Awesome Brother Tag Questions To Ask Your Bro

The bonding and chemistry between two siblings are said to be better than the best friends. Well, it is time to check out the reality how much your brother really pays attention to your activities and cares as his brother or sister.

You must have played a lot of different kinds of games with your brother but a tag question game is really unique. The following series of brother tag questions will take you to go through a journey filled with fun, excitement, and a lot of laughter.



Good Ones To Get The Ball Rolling



1. What is the one thing I cannot live without?

This is quite intriguing though obvious. 


2. Describe me in a sentence. 

There is not a single person on Earth who does not like to get compliments. 


3. Who has the best sense of fashion and a better lifestyle?

There is always a competition and comparison between siblings. 


4. Who is hot and impresses the opposite gender easily?

Nobody accepts his own defeat. 


5. What am I good and bad at?

You might just get mixed feelings. 


6. Which activity of mine annoys the most about me?

Well, you may already know it but it is better to get certified from your brother. 


7. What do you like and dislike about me?

You might already know the dislikes, so the likes will be interesting. 


8. What I move far away from home, what would you miss the most about us together?

It is time to get a little sad and nostalgic. 


9. What are the things you would love to do together with me?

This is a great question to understand your position in his life as a whole. 


10. What are the things I like in life – food, vacation spot, color, dress and likewise?

This is a real test of how well your bro knows you and which are the ones he remembers. 


11. What is the most memorable argument we have and who was wrong?

He is unlikely his fault because brothers will be brothers. 


Interesting Ones To Get Him Hooked




12. What is the dumbest decision you have ever made?

We all make mistakes, and there is no shame in admitting it. 


13. What the funniest memories you have of us?

It is time to laugh out loud and maybe feel a little embarrassed. 


14. How many girlfriends did you have about whom you did not tell me?

We all have our secrets, but nothing can be kept a secret for long.


15. Who is closer to our parents?

Time for jealousy to get a promotion. 


16. Who is hot and impresses the opposite gender easily?

Nobody accepts his own defeat. 


17. What are the things we have in common and things we are poles apart?

You can contribute as well or agree to disagree.


18. Are you close now or when you were younger?

As we grow up, the distance in a relationship widens. If not, it cannot get any better in life. 


19. What is the favorite activity you do with me other than the ones I already know?

This is really interesting as it would make both of you think.


20. Who would get married first if given a chance?

It depends on who is more desperate to have an awesome honeymoon or wedding night.


21. What is the most serious discussion you had together?

Both of you will realize the gravity of your relationship and how important it is for both of you.


22. What is the weirdest habit I have?

Sometimes, you have to embarrass yourself to make your bro happy. 


Killer Ones That He Did Not See Coming



23 .What is the one thing I can do but you can't?

Time to pull your brother's leg which is always the favorite activity. 


24. What is that one thing I do not know about you?

This is really interesting because you are knocking on his hidden doors. 


25. Which of my friends you had a secret crush on?

There is no running away from this question, and it will make him blush. 


26. Who is the celebrity about whom I fantasize?

Well, this should be pretty obvious. 


27. If you were to go to the jail, what would be the crime?

The wicked personal trait will be revealed. 


28. What are the things you wish you did not do to me?

Things your brother needs to get off the chest. 


29. Would you strip naked in front of me at the gun point?

That is going to be really weird if it is a brother-sister relationship.


30. What was the last thing you secretly stole from me?

Every sibling does that at some point. 


31. If you have to choose between your girlfriend and me as your best friend, who would you choose?

This is difficult to answer, and there is no scope of being diplomatic.


32. Who are your crushes whom I know?

If your bro keeps his relationship secret, it is time to open the Pandora's box. 


33. Are you jealous of me or compete with me?

This is not a safe question to ask, but if you have such a feeling, you should get it off the chest.


What are you waiting for? This is your only chance to spill the secrets your brother holds and have an awesome time together that you were missing for a long time. Don't stop on you brother test your sisters or siblings also with our typical list of sister tag questions and sibling tag questions.


Don't forget to share your experience on the comments section below, if you have some other tag questions in you mind write down in the comments section.


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