The frontrunners of Bollywood - Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan & Rdhika Apte who were invited to Rajeev Masand’s The Actresses Roundtable, made pretty revealing confessions about themselves and the Hindi Movie industry. Here is a quick peek about what they had to say.



1. Sonam revealed the time when she was GROPED at a young age of 13!



Sonam: I was probably 13. I went to watch a movie at Gaeity Galaxy with a group of friends. This man crept upon me and groped me from behind. I was shocked, I started shaking and shivering and stated crying. I didn't speak about it and just watched the film. I didn't tell it to anyone for about 3 years.




2. Vidya Balan explained how she shut up people who thought actresses have an "expiry date"



Vidya: I debuted at the age of 26. People kept telling me to do as many movies as possible as the "shelf life" of an actress is short. But told them I'm here to stay and I'll neer do things that i don't want to.




3. When asked if her nude scene in the the movie "Parched"  bothered her,  Radhika Apte gave a fitting reply



Rajeev: Will you think twice before committing to nudity, seeing how it became the only talk about your last 2 movies?

Radhika Apte: Are you kidding, not at all! I was tired of people's questions because I thought they had too much time on their hands. I only read what interests ME.




4. This is what Anushka and Sonam think about "rating" people on Koffee with Karan



Sonam: I don't believe in rating people, it's dehumanizing!

Anushka: Even I refused to do it when I went on Koffee with Karan




5. This was what the collective thought of the 5 actors was on the subject of KISSING



Anushka: It is so mechanical and not enjoyable at all. These questions about "liplock" so annoying...

Everyone (in unison): NOT AT ALL!




6. Make what you can of this 'talk' between Alia and Sonam! cheeky



Alia: Sonam you're so uninhibited with your words, it's inspiring because unlike you, I don'thave the guts to say what I feel all the time.

Sonam: That's because nobody ever told me that my mind doesn't work right!

Is that a BURN i feel like it was, but that's just me.




7. Vidya recollects the romantic/intimate (UNCOMFORTABLE for Dutt) scene between her and Sanjay Dutt



Vidya: I had this love scene with Sanjay and his eyes were shut throughoput. I had to ask if it was "Me". And Dada (Sanjay) came and told me "Tu kuch kar na" because the other guy (Saif Ali Khan) is imagining you doing things.






8. What would Radhika Apte have been if not for an actor? Hmm?



Rdhika: If not an actor I would have been into Math, I really love Math

Anushka: Wow, you really became the hottest of us all!




9. Vidya became an inspiration for Alia!



Alia: I have taken you (Vidya Balan) as an inspiration to say no to things that I don't want to do, that too quite recently. 

Vidya has a huge smile across her lips!




10. Anushka's decision to do meatier roles or sit at home



Anushka: There was a time when people in the industry would say to me, you have to keep doing these kind of movies and stuff, and as I wasn't from the industry I used to follow them to the word. But then I had to make a hard decision and stay at home, which I did. 




11. Alia's love for animals was another big revelation



Rajeev: What is that one thing you want to achieve other than in acting?

Alia: I just want to do someting for the animals, I just can't say it, but i wan't to do so much for them. It's a big dream!




12. Vidya's Love for Woody Allen movies



She couldn't stop talking about the legendary Director Woody Allen, and when asked about the celeberity that she would like to meet, guess who she wanted! 




13. Anushka's Firmness about how she is treated by someone



 Anushka: If I feel ike I have been treated badly, then I'm just gonna flick that person out my life and move on.




14. Sonam's Ultimate Dream!



Sonam: My dream is to one day become a Director, that has always been my passion. Maybe one day I can cast Anushka and make a movie!




15. Finally, Radhika Apte's voice wink



You have got to watch this episode, just to listen to this southern beauty's soft and deep voice!



Here's the entire video from YouTube: