The All Time Popular List of Top 15 Most watched TV shows


TV shows have been family favorites when it comes to passing time. With the entrance of subscription-based digital services like Netflix and Hulu, the craze has gone even further. We have made a list of all such high ranking shows (IMDb). Most of these TV shows have been in the news all the time, due to the buzz that each episode creates, but if you are new to all of that, dive right in, for this list will keep your eyes stuck to your (TV) screen, for years to come. 



1.Game of Thrones



Highest viewed episode: 23.3 million 

IMDb rating: 9.5 


The biggest and the most watched TV show in the history of television, Game of Thrones tells the story of nine noble families, the rise to power of treachery and usurpation of the powerful members of the other families. Meanwhile, an ancient race rises back to power.



2. Breaking Bad



Highest viewed episode: 10.3 million

IMDb rating: 9.5


Breaking bad revolves around one chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer. Knowing his inevitable death he turns to manufacturing methamphetamine (crystal meth) to make some money and in turn, seal his family's future. 



3. The Walking Dead



Highest viewed episode: 17 million

IMDb rating: 8.5


A Deputy Sheriff wakes up from a coma, only to learn that the world is in tatters, infested by zombies. He must now lead a group of survivors to safety and ensure their survival.



4. Sherlock



Highest viewed episode: 8.1 million

IMDb rating: 9.2


A modern take on the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his doctor partner John Watson, solving mysteries. 



5. The Big Bang Theory



Highest viewed episode: 23.3 million

IMDb rating: 8.3


The Big Bang Theory is the story of two nerds and a hot girl who moves across the hall from them. The sitcom shows the events that unfold when more nerds and girls join the gang.



6. Friends



Highest viewed episode: 52.5 million

IMDb rating: 9.0


It is the comical story of 6 friends aged 20 to 30, living in Manhattan, New York. It is a truly funny show and the finale aired to more than 52.5 million viewers! 



7. How I Met Your Mother



Highest viewed episode: 12.9 million

IMDb rating: 8.4


A father narrates to his two children, the story/adventures of his four best friends and how that led to meeting the kids' mother. 



8. Lost



Highest viewed episode: 23.4 million

IMDb rating: 8.4


A group of survivors from a crashed plane finds themselves stranded on a tropical island. They now need to work together to survive and make it out alive.



9. Prison Break



Highest viewed episode: 10.5 million

IMDb rating: 8.5


Prison Break tells the story of an innocent man awarded a death row and his determined brother who gets into the same jail and attempts to break them both out.



10. House of Cards



Highest viewed episode: 5.7 million

IMDb rating: 9.0


Being a Netflix original series House of Cards is available exclusive to Netflix users. A Congressman is betrayed by the people he trusts and then works with his equally conniving wife to get revenge against the betrayers.



11. Arrow



Highest viewed episode: 4.1 million

IMDb rating: 7.8


Arrow traces the journey of Oliver Queen, from being a billionaire playboy lost at sea, to returning 5 years later as a hooded vigilante to save his city from destruction.



12. Supernatural



Highest viewed episode: 5.7 million

IMDb rating: 8.6


Two brothers, following their father's footsteps as a monster hunter, hunt down several evil monsters, demons, and gods roaming the Earth.



13. Stranger Things



Highest viewed episode: 14.0 million

IMDb rating: 9.0


Dubbed as the most successful digital original show, Stranger Things revolves around a 12-year-old boy, who is taken captive by terrifying forces, and his mother, brother, a super-powered friend and 3 other friends have to bring him back.



14. Suits



Highest viewed episode: 4.6 million

IMDb rating: 8.7


A man with an eidetic memory, who is also a college dropout, gets hired as a lawyer by Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers in all of New York. What happens next is what Suits, is all about.



15. Modern Family



Highest viewed episode: 14.5 million

IMDb rating: 8.5 


Modern Family tells the story of 3 different yet entangled families, their trials, and tribulation in a comical way.


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