13 Survival Hacks That Will Save Your Life When In Trouble!

With education and exposure to practical fields, we all develop certain skills to earn money and make a living. But how many of us have the survival skills when life puts you in tough situations? It could be getting lost in an unknown place during a trip, get threatened by attackers, held hostage by evil products of our society and various such unforeseen circumstances.

Each and every one of us must have certain things in mind to come out of the dark successfully with some basic skills and hacks. Take a note of the following to survive in life-threatening situations!



1. Be A Steel-Belted Hero



Need to restrain your pet dog? Need something really strong to hold your tent or temporary house? Yes, the answer is right at your waist. You can use it to even tag loads with you and carry something while there is no better option.


2. Make a Bootlace Bow Drill



Need something like a cord to make friction fire? The answer is right at your shoelaces. Yes, they are strong enough such that we can tie it loosely on a thin cylindrical stick and rotate it at an extremely fast speed.  


3. Hack Your Fire



Not able to find dry wood to lighten up your tent? Don't waste time in eating snacks! Use them as a good fuel! They have a considerable amount of grease and oil which burn easily.


4. Baffle the Bugs



The stinking smoke of smoldering materials can act as a natural bug repellent. Cattail seed heads work well. They are found in wetlands throughout the world. Collect a dry, brown seed head and light one end. It will usually smoke without flaming up completely. Place the smoke around your body and its smell continues to cover you from bugs for around 30 minutes.


5. Protecting Yourself On A Plane In An Emergency



Is the plane you are riding about to experience a tough landing? Lower your head towards your front seat, covering your head with your hand. This position will protect your neck, back, and shins from breaking in case of a crash.


6. Protecting Yourself During An Earthquake



Is the floor shaking? Lie your body down and take cover under a table and put your hand over your neck. Don't try to run outside. This pose protects your entire body. After all, wood isn't that weak!


7. Rain Collector



The ability to collect rainwater, especially if stranded on an ocean island, is critical. Luckily, there is an easy and efficient way to collect rainwater in bottles. Just cut out strips from about half of your bottle. When you do this, the bottle covers a lot more surface and collects much more water!


8. Convex Lens As Specs



Glasses can be used as a magnifying glass to start a fire. There is just a case if you are wearing convex lenses.


9. Enhanced Bandages



Bandages are an integral part of survival. To make them more useful, cut a center slice through each of the adhesive strips, from the ends up to the bandage portion. Now, with four adhesive strips instead of two, you can apply the bandage more effectively to stubborn body parts.


10. Bullet Casing Whistle



Using just an empty bullet casing to make a whistle is easy-peasy. Just mark 5" from the pointed part and keep cutting some part with 90 degrees as the angle until you see the hole. Now move half an inch and cut again towards the hole you have made with 45 degrees and your life saving whistle is ready!


11. Sharp Soda Cans



Turn soda cans into quick and easy hooks with just two snips. How many times have you cut your own hand while opening a can? You will get to know how sharp it is and how it can be used as a hook and for cutting.


12. Convert AAA to AA



Need AA batteries, but only have AAA? Ball up pieces of tin foil and use them to fill in the space between the appliance and the battery. Tinfoils are good conductors as they are metals.


13.Smoke Maker



In a pinch, you can write a message in a bottle and send smoke signals with a crayon. Burning a crayon creates dense fumes. They burn slowly and create fumes So that someone can see where you are.


There are many more such survival tips and hacks available but you need to learn the most important ones so that you can thrive when the rest perishes! You can also spend sometime reading survival books which can rescue you from difficult situations.



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