10 Surprising Beauty Hacks That Will Change The Way You Makeup!

Even though everyone prefers natural beauty, but there is no denying the fact that a touch of makeup can make a person look more beautiful. All the models and actresses whom we admire so much and who put on photos on social media to get all the attention, makeup is the secret for most of them.

If your life is dull without makeup, then the following beauty hacks will be a boon for you for the rest of your life. You can stop wasting money buying useless products and use the following hacks like home remedies without shedding extra bucks.

1. Applying Mascara – No Smudge

Applying mascara always gets messy and you waste so much time getting the perfect mascara application. The famous spoon trick is your savior. Cover your eyelid with a plastic spoon and you can apply mascara perfect in one go with any cleanup required.

2. Lipstick Hacks 

In case you do not have the correct lipstick that goes with your dress, you can borrow your kid’s crayon color and mix it with oil like coconut oil and you can apply them on lips like your lipstick.

3. Perfect Cat Eyeliner

We use bobby pin all the time to keep our hair under control and even get awesome hairstyles. Now, you can use the same to get perfect cat eyeliner. Apply eyeliner liquid on the edge of the bobby pin and press it on the eyelid corner to get an outline. Then go ahead and fill it up.

4. Hide Pimple Redness

The redness and swelling caused by pimples cause ruin your makeup and the beauty of your face. Drop a few drops of eyedrop solutions on a cotton ball and press it against the pimples to reduce redness and swelling significantly.

5. Matching Lipcolor and Nail Color

There is nothing more beautiful than having the same shade of color on your lips and nails. But it is the most difficult thing to get the same shades for both the products. Therefore, use your lipsticks on your nail and apply multiple coats of lipgloss to make it perfect.

6. Get Plumper Lips

There is no need for going to lip augmentation with needles and surgery. You can do it easily with some patience. Take a fork and poke your lips gently for some time. The blood circulation will increase and your lips will look plumper naturally for hours. Use a perfect lip gloss to make it sexier.

7. Got Blackheads?

Make a paste of baking soda and toothpaste and use a new toothbrush to apply it gently on the skin where you have blackheads. You can use it on all over your face and the clean your skin after some time and apply olive oil. Do not use it if you have rash, acne or sensitive skin.

8. No Blotting Paper?

If you have an oily skin or your makeup is coming out due to excessive sweating, you need to absorb the excess substance with a blotting paper so that you don’t look ugly and your makeup pours out all over your face. If you do not have a blotting paper, the same work can be done using a toilet paper.

9. Getting Rid Of Baby Hairs

It does not matter which hairstyle you go for, the baby hairs will always sprout out and cause an extreme problem and even ruin your perfect hairstyle. Use a toothbrush to comb them and place with perfectly like a sleepy child.

10. Long Lasting Curly Eyelashes

Take an eyelash curler and heat it with a hairdryer. When it becomes warm, use it on your eyelashes and your curly eyelashes will stay curl

If you have your own beauty hacks that can be useful for others, do share them.

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